Sunday, May 1, 2011


I'm ready...

...for every day sunshine...

...for the end of Seth's final semester of classes...

...for a trip to the beach (even though I'm sure I look like a whale at this point)...

...for Porter to have mastered the art of the potty... give in to my nesting instinct.

I'm not ready... say goodbye to good friends who will be leaving in just a couple weeks...

...for the babies to come, yet, although my comfort would say otherwise... step into the unknown of this coming November (I like to plan).

This summer brings with it a lot of changes to our family.

Most of those changes are coming very quickly.

I've had a lot of time to think about what's coming up, and have found that I'm not yet prepared for the "biggest" changes.

This week was spent trying to prepare for them.

Sadly, because of this, I did not take any pictures.

But, I did go to the doctor, so there are more ultrasound pictures at the bottom of the post.

Here's the latest news on the babies:

Because the babies share a placenta, they are at risk for something called twin-twin transfusion.

This is when one baby steals blood from the other baby and why in some situations one baby doesn't survive or is significantly smaller than the other.

There was a small sign of this at my appointment, so they will double check that on Thursday of this week to make sure it's not happening.

They aren't that worried about it, so I'm not that worried about it because the babies are still about the same size and have above average amounts of fluid in their separate sacs, but it's still a little concerning.

The most concerning thing at this last appointment was what they discovered in the heart of one of them.

What looks like a connection between two of the ventricles.

This is not good, and could mean the baby would have to go into heart surgery right after birth if it's not something that will just close on its own.

I will have an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist in mid-May to check on it and have him do a "diagnosis" of sorts.

We have to wait until then because he is out of town.

We feel like everything will be fine, but it's hard to hear news like that when you have a lot to deal with as is.

Our baby girls are still beautiful and thriving.

In fact, they're doing some acrobatics right now that's making it difficult to concentrate.

Two active babies makes for one entertaining belly.

And some sore ribs.

Baby B decided to be the first for a good pose this time...

...and even got what looks like her little hand in baby A's photo...

22 weeks ultrasound

Right now, one baby is head down and the other is breech.

So, it's kinda like yin and yang in there.

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Lindsey Christensen said...

The babies look great! I'm sorry you have anything extra to worry about. You are in our prayers.