Sunday, August 29, 2010


Maybe I was wrong...

Maybe Senji really does like Porter.

Bad Habit

If you haven't noticed...

Porter has developed a bad habit.

Banana Splits

I, honestly, cant remember ever having a banana split before.
I used to not like bananas.
Well, while at mom's I may have had my first one...

...and I also may have a new favorite thing.
Porter didn't have one...

...but he sure enjoyed his ice cream!

And, apparently, his bib.

Fast Cars

Dad treated Porter and me to the...

Porter was so excited to go!

He talked about it the whole way there.

I think Dad was pretty excited, too!

I know I was!

The last time I'd been to the Speedway, I was in 9th grade doing a fundraiser for the O'Leary Dance Team.

Because I had to sell stuff, I didn't actually get to see much of the races.

By "their" cars.

The biggest reason Porter was excited to go was because he was going to see Lightning McQueen!

Well, right as we walked in, guess who we saw?!

Lightning McQueen!

We had a great time!

There were a lot of cars on the last race.

So many, in fact, that half of the wreaks we saw happened on the last one!
And, we saw 8.
It was great.
This little boy:

...I think was tuned into the channel and everything for the flagger.
Because, not only did he have all the flags, but he did everything at the same time as the main guy!

It was very entertaining to watch.
Things got a bit too loud for Porter...

So, before the races were over, we headed home.
Thanks, Dad!! We had a blast!


The best thing to have after you're sick...

...Cheerios with marshmallows and chocolate chips.



No one likes to be sick at Gammie's house.


Just practicing.


I like to think he made a little family of cars...

Perlman in Sun Valley

Savanna came down with these guys...

...for a weekend!

Matt, Maggie, and Dave!

Seth and I knew Dave and Maggie from BYU-Idaho!

Dave was a trumpet player with Seth in Sound Alliance.

He went on the same tour Seth and I did to the Northwest when Seth and I first really met!

Maggie was my cousin's roomate!

Dave and Maggie have quite the story of on and off dating, but they got married, and I'm so glad because I always thought they should.

Anyway, it was SO good to see them again!

While in Twin, we made sure to do a bit of touring with our visitors.

Porter loved hanging out with Maggie!

I loved it, too!

The first place we visited was the Twin Falls...

...which is now just a single fall.

History: Idaho power came and dammed up the second fall.

Still, a very pretty place.

Porter really enjoyed his new friends!

I think they liked him, too.

Our second stop was to the Shoshone Falls.

The falls were not all that impressive since they weren't flowing full force.

More history: Idaho Power took over the controlling of the flow of the water.

We enjoyed it, anyway.

After the bit of site-seeing, we headed up to Sun Valley!

This was the whole reason for the visit!

Itzhak Perlman was going to play!

While we waited for the concert to start, I attempted a group shot.

I almost got everyone in the picture...

We brought up dinner with us, and enjoyed it before the concert.

Porter especially loved the soda...

...and the barbecue chips.

This is how we watched the concert:

At least, how most of us did.

There were people under the canopy of the picture above that looks like a tent.

But, those were people who actually paid to come see it.

Porter was more interested in using my leg as a road with his cars than in the concert itself.

I must make a good road, because this is something that happens daily.

We very much enjoyed the concert!

Even if there were only three songs played.

And, even if two of them were played by Mr. Perlman.

The two he played were absolutely amazing!

One of which was the Theme from Shindler's List.

My favorite.

He is still an awe-inspiring musician.

Age hasn't made a difference in his violin playing.

Goes to show you, there is still an ability do extraordinary things even when you're not so extraordinarily young.