Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lack of Posting

I apologize for not posting, but I promise posts on the following subjects when I get the time:

Our third anniversary
Porter turning 10 months
Our first hand-drawn Christmas card by Yours Truly
Travel to Idaho
Porter's mischievousness
Haircut (trim)
Seth's back pain
Mikayla's birthday
New Years Resolutions
2 new teeth
Travel to Utah
Utah activities
Back to Twin
Family Engagements

Be prepared!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Tagged by Diane :)

8 Shows that I enjoy watching:
1. The Office
2. Pushing Daisies
3. Heroes
4. Chuck
5. Samantha Who
6. Life
7. Ugly Betty
8. Life on Mars

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1. Woke up earlier than Porter (which hardly every happens)
2. Conducted music at a funeral
3. Picked up Porter from the Bjorn's
4. Had Jenny and Lora over to finish watching the old Pride and Predjudice
5. Scott came over with Seth to study upstairs
6. Seth went online on Craigslist and found my Christmas gift
7. I went to Tigard to pick it up while Seth continued studying (so, yes, I know what it is and it's not wrapped, but I'm not telling till after Christmas...ha!)
8. Went to Office Depot to find some paper so I can copy my hand-made Christmas cards so I could send them out, but they were closed.

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1. Our 3rd anniversary tomorrow!!!
2. Christmas in Twin Falls where I'll get to see my WHOLE family!!!
3. Seeing Seth's family in Utah after New Years
4. Having Savanna in Forest Grove with us for a week or so in January
5. Getting to exercise again
6. Wicked coming to Portland in March (hopefully we'll have money for tickets!!!!)
7. Seth finishing his first year of Optometry school
8. Getting to teach music!!

8 Things I love about Winter:
1. Christmas time
2. New Years
3. Getting breaks
4. Hot Chocolate
5. Cider
6. Snow...if it snows
7. Valentines
8. Seth's and Porter's birthdays!

8 Things on my Wish list:
1. Getting the apartment organized and more baby-proof
2. Having a better fitting wardrobe that didn't wear out...
3. Having exercise time in the day
4. A better schedule so I can accomplish more during the day
5. Spending more time with family
6. Low gas prices all the time
7. A HOUSE!!!
8. A healthy and happy family

8 People I tag:
1. Liz
2. Jenny Rudolph
3. Jenni Warner
4. Lindsey Christensen
5. Kaylee
6. Shaylee
7. Sierra
8. Audrey Dye

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Dreaded Finals

Seth started finals week this week. He's been spending almost every hour of the day studying at the library, while I've felt very much like a single mom with Porter at home. Most days, I just hang out in my pajamas because I'm not in the mood to leave the house. When Seth is gone, I become lazy, like since I have no man in the house, there's no real reason to keep things clean or even shower *gasp*. What is wrong with me!?

I've been exhausted, still, even without doing everything. Granted, I've forced myself to accomplish cleaning the apartment because we'll be leaving for break soon, but if we weren't leaving I'm pretty sure it wouldn't look like it does. Porter wears me out!

I've been trying to get Porter on a schedule, finally, but he's not cooperating very well. In fact, he cries his little eyes out every time I force him to go to bed for a nap and it breaks my heart. I admit, I'm not as good as I should be in keeping him in the crib once I put him there, but if you heard his cry, you'd understand. It's like I'm torturing him. I need to be firmer, but I just can't help myself.

Porter is an official walker! Ever since last I wrote, he has become a semi-pro! He takes cute little baby steps with his hands out, and he's so wobbly! I love it. I know in another week or so he'll be running around the house. Maybe then I'll get the exercise I need ;)

Other than that, it snowed here yesterday and froze, so the roads are covered in sheets of ice and everyone in Portland area is driving 10 mph all over the place because no one seems to know how to drive in snow. Pretty pathetic, but I'm glad they're being "safe." I'm also glad I grew up in Idaho and lived in Ice-burg for 3.5 years. Nice to have some snow experience. While I was driving today (passing almost everyone) I imagined everyone saying after looking at my license plate as I drove by, "dang those people from Wyoming." Ha ha!

Being that they hardly ever have snow here, even if there's only an inch on the ground, they close school. I understand why, though. Too much ice. I don't think they even have a plow or any other form of "ice control." Plus, a lot of the teachers commute into Forest Grove. I just wish I lived here all those years in Twin growing up. I would've had a ton more snow days than just three in my lifetime. Problem about having snow days during finals is, Seth will have to take the final the next semester. So...no break for him. School was closed today, and luckily, Seth didn't have a final, but tomorrow he does. We're praying the snow melts and doesn't come back until after finals for his and all the students sakes.

I'm really excited and ready for the break, and I'm positive Seth is, too. I'm ready to have my husband back and I'm sure he's ready to be done studying.

PS: here's some proof of Porter's new walking abilities!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Carols Being Sung

Last Friday was the ward Christmas Program. I am on the activities committee and was put in charge of the program order and speaking parts. Sounds easy, right? Well, let me tell you, it wasn't. I thought with all my Vocal Union experience of ward Christmas shows would have been more help than it was. And, yes, that experience was helpful, but because of those shows, my expectations were really high. I thought everyone did a great job that night, but if I would have had the time, I would've fixed some of how smoothly it ran. I heard nothing but good comments on the program, so I'm happy to say that it went well. If I am put in charge next year, there are a few things I'll do differently. One being: have an actual rehearsal on stage in the cultural hall so that we can hear how long songs are, time them, and arrange mics accordingly. But, we'd have to be as professional as Vocal Union was to actually have it go as well as I would like it to...and that's not going to happen. All in all, though, I'm very happy with how it turned out. I think I'm even happier that it's over.

I have to say, I'm really missing all my experiences I had a BYU-Idaho at the moment. I have a lot of friends and family up there still who are having or continuing to have all the great experiences I had while I was there, and I feel like I'm just stuck at home missing out on everything. I love being Porter's mother, but I want to be able to do the things I love to do...like perform. I miss ballroom so much it hurts, and the only ballroom classes here are on Sundays, so that's not possible. I miss singing Jazz, but I don't know how to get into groups here that perform in clubs or otherwise. I miss professional choir like Collegiate Singers. I want to try out for Portland Symphonic Choir, but I missed the audition time in August, and they wont be having another audition in January so I have to wait until next August. I'm seriously going crazy here! It doesn't help that I torture myself more by looking at all the said friends and families pictures off facebook and otherwise all the time. Maybe I should stop doing that. I just feel a little jipped on my time at BYU-I, that's all. I know I've made the right decisions as far as Seth and Porter are concerned, but I just can't help feeling that way when I don't even have an opportunity to move on here.

Now that I'm done venting, I want to say that I really enjoyed Tuesday when I went Hip Hop dancing with a bunch of girls here. It was fun and funny to see all of us white girls attempting to be black. Thanks for teaching, Heather!

Also, Porter took at least four steps on his own last night!! He'll be walking on his own permanently in no time!