Monday, December 30, 2013


Look who turned one!
Lilia had a great birthday!

She got some great toys and had some good company!
Then it was cake time!
She was a little confused at first...
But she figured it out.
And made a glorious, happy mess!

She got some help cleaning up from Mama when she was finished.

The next day, Lilia gathered her new toys around her...

...and we woke up to...

Here's what our backyard looked like when the snow stopped falling:

Can't see half the fence!
And, the next day, it was still gorgeous outside.

Before it mostly melted and Fall finally showed its face.

Basically two days later.
Welcome to Wyoming's wild weather!
Lilia also got some great gifts from Gammie and Grumpa!

Sundays we have a family dinner at Mama's.
The following video is the perfect description of the typical Sunday there!
And, Lilia started WALKING!!
She preferred to hold my hand, as you can see.
Seth likes his soda! 

He drinks so much, we figured out that we should just ask the server for a pitcher.
It was great having an entryway to our own place to decorate for Halloween.
It was also great getting to dress up this little cutie.

We had a church party where the kids got lots of candy...

And Porter got to go trick-or-treating again for even more!

Happy Halloween!
(Porter is an animal control officer, if you can't see the badge)


So, I guess I lied about not taking a picture on the last day of September.
I couldn't resist this.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


This really isn't in any particular order...
I realize there's one more day left of September, but I really don't see me taking pictures on Monday since that's the busiest day in our house, and I'm lucky to even have dinner ready, so here is the month of September...
Lilia turned 11 months!

She decides sometimes to try new things...

She like to give me "loves"...

(Tried to catch it on video, but she got distracted, so just fake cried the whole time, but it's still cute.)
She found something new to play with:


She still loves looking at herself!

Beautiful baby girl!
And, Lilia mastered going down the stairs!!
She has also mastered mimicking...
Porter threw a huge fit after school one day.
His backpack wasn't "right" and my hands were full, so I told him we would fix it in the car.
Well, he didn't like that idea, and screamed for about 10 minutes while fighting me on the way to the car and then continued screaming the 30 minute car ride home.
It was so pleasant.
So, when we got home (since this is not the first time he has done this to me), I had him sign an agreement after he took a nap (which, let's face it, exhaustion was probably the real reason he was flipping out in the first place):

It reads:
I will not throw a fit in front of my teachers or my friends again. I also will not throw a fit in Walmart or any other store I may be shopping at with Mom or Dad. If I do, Mom or Dad gets to punish me in front of my peers and the surrounding adults.
Then it's signed.
So far, we haven't thrown a fit like that since.
Except at church.
And, I didn't specify that one.
Porter started swimming lessons!

He LOVES it, and is always excited when he gets to go.
If you can't spot him in the picture, he's the scrawny albino-redhead.
For LaRene's birthday, we all went to the Field of Dreams Corn Maze!
There, we raced ducks...

...and got lost! 


Once we found some bearings, Seth and I started searching for specific parts of the maze.
When we found them, we took some pictures. 

I have the maze, but I'm too lazy to scan it, so you'll just have to take my word for it that we are in the middle of the sun on the left and along the side on the right. 
After about an hour, we found our way out!

Then all the kids, and some big kids, played in a corn pit...

Many got "buried"... 


...and we all had a great time!

(except for Lilia at the end, because we found out she has hay allergies once she couldn't breathe)
How to tell if Lilia is sleepy...

Hand to the ear.
Four days after the official start of Fall, we had this:

Not gonna lie, I wasn't exactly happy about this.

It was pretty.
But it's FALL, dang it.
The leaves hadn't even changed color.
Our poor baby tree.
One good thing about the early snow?

My adorable baby girl in her puffy coat.
Made it all almost worth it.
Seth is a burger connoisseur.

This burger was called the Kardiac Arrest.
For good reason.