Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stroller Update

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their comments after the stolen post. I really appreciate the support!

We have not been blessed in finding the stroller, and, although it's still a bit harder without it, I'm not angry anymore. I'm grateful for the help of Heavenly Father. I have been granted peace, and have been thankful for the blessing it was that they didn't take anything else.

I'm now thinking of selling his carseat that goes with the stroller, and buying a jogging stroller. We aren't planning on another child (Dr's orders) until Porter is three, and when he is that age, and if I'm pregnant, we will be in the process of our final huge move to Casper. It would be better to get rid of things we wont be needing when we move, and things that are taking up storage room at the moment, than it would be to just replace the stroller with the same model.

Anyway, that's what sounds reasonable at the moment...

I'm always interested in your thoughts on the subject :)

Little Sickie

Porter caught a cold right after we went to the beach. He's still got a runny nose, but the first day was the worst. We had to do a little clean up after he woke up. He was so cute in his little sick state, that I couldn't resist taking this picture...

watching Cars ("vroom...speed") with his blankie, bowl, bottle, ritz, and penguin ("baby")

Seeing Results!!

So, all my working out is FINALLY paying off!!

I started working and on again since I had so many colds...last winter. I was at the heaviest I have been (excluding pregnancy) ever!! It was very depressing and uncomfortable.

Well, over the summer I really started working out every day, and continued to after school started for Seth.

And guess what...

I'm a Medium again, and I have hit pre-prego weight!!!

For the second time since having Porter...but who's counting?

A total of 15 pounds!

Can you tell I'm excited!?

I've got more to lose, but I'm so HAPPY to finally be seeing results!!

It's Still Summer in September?

We had another 90+ degree week this last week, so these lovely mommies...

...and I took our childers to the BEACH! Since this would be our last opportunity without clouds.
It was high tide when we arrived, so high that it hit these rocks.

I've never seen it that was beautiful!
But, we had to hang out up here until it lowered.
Not comfortable, but we didn't need to stay there long.
This is Kristina's little boy moving a trunk...

...and I can't remember why...but all I can think when I look at this is: workin' hard or hardly workin'
makes me laugh
Kids are so cute.

When the tide was lower, we ventured out to the streams and the water.
Porter wasn't sure about it at first...

But eventually couldn't get enough of his "bass" (bath...spoken like the fish)

Hmmm...I wonder where he gets his love of the water...couldn't be Seth.

He and Eden had a blast playing in the water together...

It was really cute to watch.
Thanks Jen! What a great idea!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ode to Our Stroller

The car was left unlocked overnight...I think it was last Monday, but I'm not positive. Normally, it is locked, but I figured it wasn't a big deal because it can't have been unlocked for long since I work out at six in the morning. Well, after getting groceries on Monday, I noticed that the back of the car was really empty. I thought, wasn't the stroller back here? I don't remember taking it back inside...maybe Seth did.

And, I forgot about it until today when I wanted to use it.

Seth didn't take it inside, either.
It was nowhere to be found.

Someone stole it.

But everything else, that was worth more, was still in the car like our stereo, GPS, and some of Seth's tools.

Apparently they just wanted to have our stroller.

Maybe they needed it really bad?

Either way, it makes me uncomfortable that someone would invade our property and steal something that we obviously need.

I used that stroller to put Porter's huge heavy diaper bag in because it would hurt me, and now I only have the small "banana seat" (I think it's called) stroller that isn't heavy duty at all, and doesn't hold my bag.
Thankfully, they didn't take that one as well because it was also in the car.

It's really hard for me not to get angry at this person...I keep telling myself that they must have needed the stroller bad enough and didn't have the funds to pay for one of their own...but it's not helping my emotions much. And, if they needed money...why did they leave all the stuff of "real value"? It doesn't make sense, and I just get frustrated about it because now I'm either going to have to just go without because we can't afford another stroller or somehow find the funds to get another one...

Whoever did this, I hope you feel compelled to return it, but if not, I hope it helps out your child...if that's what you stole it for.

Now I just need to work on forgiving you.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


The older he gets, the more entertaining he is!

Pictures alone can never do him justice.

Note: please ignore my strange voice. And, you're welcome to skip to the end of some of them cuz that's when it's funny anyway
Hi, trying to look at himself in a picture, "owie", brushing hair, being cute, and "thank you"
tip toes, gibberish about taking a bath with daddy, and his crazy run

ps...the "hi" I did, he usually mimicks.

Throwing the ball at the camera and shaking his head
he knows he's not supposed to throw things at me but I laugh when he shakes his head so it doesn't help out much.
At this moment he's following the words on the screen with his finger as I type...silly boy.
...and a pencil in his mouth...thanks Daddy.

Seth puts pencils in his mouth to work on is trumpet playing muscles.

Right now, he is very obsessed with buckles. Anything that buckles, he tries to figure it out. He's always making the buckle click in, but he can't release it. He does this mostly on his rocking chair. When he can't get it out again, he'll ram his chair into my legs and say "please"...I'm very bruised from my ankles down, but he's happy!

And entertaining.

Busy Week

This week could quite possibly have been my busiest week here, ever! Almost too busy...

I will be called to be Primary Chorister. I thought it was going to be this week, but no.

I was originally told that I would have a month to prepare, gather ideas, etc.

Last Sunday I was informed that I would have two weeks.

Good thing I had spent the previous Sunday searching online for ideas because I had a plan ready for this Sunday and got to work on it as soon as I could...Tuesday of this week.

I went out looking for certain things I needed for what I wanted to do. I don't own anything that could be used as something for Primary kids, so I did a lot of shopping.

I made my own stencils and cut out 10 different colored birds, worms, and flowers. I got sticks that I had Seth cut up so I could use them to glue to the back of the worms and flowers and put them in a flower pot. I painted the sticks for the flowers green.

I also made a poster board that said "Primary Children's Singing Hospital" and another one with a thermometer. The thermometer had levels of "performance readiness." I then printed off words: Emergency Room, Day Clinic, Immediate Release, song titles for the program, nonsense words for birthday song ideas

I also printed out flip charts for every song for the junior primary.

I went out and got a medical kit, a stuffed bee puppet, a white jacket, and more plastic ziploc bags to get organized.

I was late to the PAVA opening social because I went to Beaverton to laminate most of the said printed out things because the Kinkos in Cornelius didn't have a laminating machine big enough for my posters, and therefore I didn't get any food because all the pizza was gone. So, Seth and I left early and went to Red Robin.

Then I was late to a Ward BBQ because I was still working on the crafts to get ready for Sunday.

I didn't finish until 1 AM last night.

Oh, and did I mention I did all of this with Porter in tow? Yup, that's right! Seth had tests and things, so I didn't see him much, like usual, but I had to get it done, and didn't have the time to get a babysitter or the heart to throw him on someone else.

Here's how today went:

I started with Junior Primary which is HUGE...and LOUD...and hard to control. I gave those who were sitting reverently in their chairs during prelude "reverent birds" to wear as necklaces. Little did I know that giving them those would make them irreverent. I saw some chewing on them, trying to make them a visor, using them as weapons pecking their neighbor...I mean "reverent" bird didn't really fit them. It was more like "killer" birds.

I think I need to buy Lysol.

Anyway, then it was time for birthdays. I bought cute little birthday hats for the kids to wear that would make it so they felt special while we sang the birthday song.

Then I remembered lice...and I really think I need to buy Lysol if I want to keep this birthday hat thing.

That went well...well, as well as it would with a birthday boy turning eight and having eight people candles took a while to calm down again.

Apparently the bee I bought to remind them to "bee reverent" didn't work. Maybe next week.

Then we started singing time.

I put on the coat, put the poster boards up with the hospital terms/locations underneath, picked a matching "worm" for my not-so-reverent anymore "bird" and we started singing! (It was supposed to be "the reverent bird gets the worm") A lot of songs went into the ER. This was fun for the kids because they got to be the siren for the ambulance as one of them was the driver who took it to the ER. The siren sound they made was European, so I guess it was an ambulance from Europe. But, with that many songs unknown, the presidency and I began to be worried.

And then it was time for Senior Primary.

And it was like a breath of fresh air!

I didn't have to use reverent birds because they were and are always so good! I used the flowers I'd made with the painted sticks to pick helpers. The backs of the flowers said things like: wearing pink, red hair, brought scriptures, etc.

The Senior Primary completely passed off four songs! It made all of us who were worried before calm down some.

Something I wasn't fully expectin...I ended up taking up the whole time!

And now I'm exhausted.

I mean, completely drained.
And, I'm not the only one...

...there's more to do for next week, too!

Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project

click here for a video

and here for another

It has been said (in media other than in the USA which is very obviously beyond biased if not completely taken over) that this march on the White House is the biggest in history!

another video

If that doesn't say something, I don't know what would.

Do not underestimate We the People.

And another

There's my few bits ;)

I love Glenn Beck because he tells it how it is.

8 Years

It's been Eight Years since the attack on the Twin Towers in NYC.

And, all I saw on the news was something that said, "Eight years, and look how much America has GROWN"

This was slightly upsetting to hear...

I'm sorry, but what happened to "We will never forget" and broadcasting what happened on TV, and a moment of silence to those who had fallen?

Every September 11th I spent in Idaho was like this: news broadcasts on the tragedy, radio station tributes, moments of silence, flags everywhere for a week...

Maybe because I'm in Oregon it's different.

Honestly, because there wasn't ANY news on it here (at least not via antennae because that's all we can afford) Seth and I didn't even realize it was September 11th until we went out to dine for date night and saw the date on the receipt...

How sad is that!?

Granted, that week was busy, but that's no excuse. I can and will do better, and the media can and SHOULD.

In my own way, to make up for dropping the ball on that day...

Something I have been curious about, and I'm sure others have been too, is why hasn't ground zero changed? Where is the "Freedom Tower" that has been promised? How exactly have we "grown" when we haven't changed anything for the better after something so terrible?

Here's an answer

And, I want to thank Glenn Beck for asking the very same question.

I remember, clearly, where I was that day:

It was a normal school day. I got up, got ready to music over the radio, got in my car and went to my first class. Art.

The TV was on...weird, I thought.

Then I saw what was on the TV and I couldn't believe my eyes.

I watched as the second plane hit the second tower. I saw footage of people jumping from the windows. I watched in wonder as the first tower collapsed, still not believing what I was seeing.

Every class that had a TV was tuned to the news. I was unfortunate to not have any TVs in any of the following classes that day. I remember the principal coming over the speakers informing those who weren't watching that the second tower collapsed. We then had a moment of silence.

My sister and I drove home slower that day.

My mom had turned on the news upstairs, even though she was teaching downstairs, when we got home. There was no homework important enough to do that day. There was no pressing rehearsal or performance that could have taken me away from that screen.

The next few days were similar. No TVs in class, but everything and everybody was somber and none of us took what we had for granted anymore.

All of a sudden, the things that should have been the most important all along became even more important.

I know I have never been the same since that day, and I still cry when I think about what happened.

Where were you?

Get Lost the Corn Maze!

I think we might have started a new family tradition!! This year, we enjoyed our time at the Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maize on Sauvie Island with the Campbells and Gambles.

This year's maze was tough!!

Seth and I got lost...for real!

image from Gambles
We ran into a man who we think was the owner who told us that he was tired of people talking about how easy it he made it really hard this year.
And, boy, did we notice the difference! It was great, but we were sure happy to see this bridge!

The "Victory Bridge" that leads to...

The exit!!!
The gentleman also told us he made it so there was only one way to reach the exit, whereas last year, there were multiple options to reach the exit...
What a great challenge!!
Porter obviously wasn't challenged enough, because he wanted to try out other things as well!

There was a hay pyramid that had two tunnels going through it making a t or x or whatever way you want to put it...
Porter wasted no time to check it out!

That is, as long as Daddy was on the other side egging him on.

He must have liked it a lot because he wanted to do it again!

But, soon became preoccupied with his stroller...

Again, he felt adventurous and started climbing the hay pyramid!

Very focused...

Slightly unsure...

But victorious!

Though, it looks like he's scared out of his mind.

Shortly thereafter, we left. Just in time, too because it started raining not even ten minutes after we got home.
What a great way to spend a Labor Day!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dear Porter

I have no idea what is bothering you. You seem like you're in pain, so maybe you're teething, but it's hard to tell because you are always whining. It's not fun when you come up to me and scream for no reason about something I don't know about all the time. You're not eating anything new that I'm putting in front of you, even if you've eaten it before. All you want are sweets, and I'm not giving in, so you're not eating much at all. I try to get you to eat regular things, and get you to show me or tell me what you want, but even when you have what you want, you still are grumpy and complaining about something else. That is why you are in time out...screaming your head off, and I'm trying to ignore you.

...but I still love you.

Please stop crying, eat your food, or go take a nap so my head will stop hurting.

Preferably all of those things.

Love Mom

First Week of Year Two

Seth has officially started his second year of Optometry school! He's gone almost all hours of the day, so Porter and I have kept ourselves busy by hanging out with friends! I am so grateful for the sweet and fun girls that are up here with us!

Most of the time, to keep busy, Porter and I go to the park in the complex and the ones around town. We also have visited various friends' houses and had people come over. I have finally gotten to go to the very small library here (thanks Brianne!) so I can get a card and now bring home books for Porter to ruin ;)...but I will also get to do some pretty sweet things for..FREEEE! (spoken like Adam Sandler on Bedtime Stories)

Other things I've done are: gone exercising every morning...6 am most days and 8am Wednesday cuz Seth doesn't have class till later that day..., went craft shopping, made a lot of zucchini related foods with the huge zucchini from the Hammons we got a few weeks back (so I've done a lot of baking since I only like zucchini in breads) kept the house clean (which is easier to do since Seth's never home), and finished this...

Note: frames not really the colors shown...flash is too bright and makes it weird
Ty came over yesterday, and I didn't have to be in Primary today (will tell you the reason later), and Porter was still a pain in nursery for the second week in a row...but I had a nice Sunday, because Seth just took care of him :)...all in all a very fulfilling, glorious week!
Let's cross our fingers that we stay this busy all the time!!