Friday, June 25, 2010


This post is actually supposed to be before the birthday one, but I didn't realize I hadn't uploaded the photos until looking through my camera last night...oops.
Seth does a home workout on some days.
Porter wanted to join him...
...mostly by running through a dangerous area.
I didn't think there would be a problem, until I heard a "konk"

Porter's head ran into one of Seth's dumbells.
And, yes, you read that right.
Well, the towel above obviously wasn't enough to work on him because he refused to stand still while we put pressure on his head.
So...I got creative:

We couldn't help but laugh while he had this on.
So he started laughing too!
He didn't keep this on long, but it was effective.

Here's what it looked like the next morning:

His hair's so red, you almost can't see it.

He was still pretty happy!

Here's hoping that doesn't happen again...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birth/Father's Day

We had a combined holiday yesterday.
Not only did we celebrate Father's Day for this amazing, handsome daddy...

notice: new glasses!!! a great haircut!
...but, we also celebrated the day of this old lady's birth!

Seth and I did a pretty good job of sharing the day.

We had a barbeque with a few friends for Father's Day and afterwards had them over for cake.

We didn't have 24 candles...just we improvised!

It was a great day!

Last week, I got a surprise in the mail from Seth's mom...for my birthday:

I love it!!
Everyone needs a really nice picture of the temple they got married in, right?
Thanks LaRene!
Now I just need to do some re-decorating :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adding a Couple Somethings

Have I mentioned I love my new mirror?
Pretty sure I have, but now I love it even more!!

Ah...a little ray of sunshine in this never ending cloudiness of Oregon.
Another little thing:

Got this because I really don't like having to take my violin in and out of its case for my lessons.'s a good reminder to practice.
And makes a GREAT decoration!

One more thing I put together:

Can't wait to put it up!!
Gonna re-do the dining area :)
More info on my creations blog

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Too Funny

Porter does this every time he watches Cars.

Every time.

We've Been Busy

We've had some fun this week!

While it's been gloomy and raining as if it was still February outside, it didn't stop us from doing things inside.

Over the course of about five days, we made a new piece of home decor!

Porter kept himself busy, as well, during the whole process...

...while we:


then when we:



and he:

then while I was trying to mask for taping, he:

but I got it done:

and he:

Love it!

Love him :)
A how-to can be found at my creations blog