Sunday, June 6, 2010

We've Been Busy

We've had some fun this week!

While it's been gloomy and raining as if it was still February outside, it didn't stop us from doing things inside.

Over the course of about five days, we made a new piece of home decor!

Porter kept himself busy, as well, during the whole process...

...while we:


then when we:



and he:

then while I was trying to mask for taping, he:

but I got it done:

and he:

Love it!

Love him :)
A how-to can be found at my creations blog


farrers said...

wahoo that is hot! What a handy husband you have! And what a creative idea!! I wish I could see how that color ties into the rest of your decor I bet it just rocks!!

Kristina said...

Very cute, nicely done Sierra.... and Seth. I like the color!