Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Makes me Happy...

My two boys...

...especially when they're together :)

A few days ago, Porter was playing on his stomach right after I fed him...because he can't sit still. I had just gotten back from putting his bottle in the fridge, and saw that he'd spit up and put his face in it! This is the end result...

It was too funny to not take a picture!

Porter and I leave Texas on Wednesday morning, and I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I mean, I really want to go home and see family, but I don't want to leave because this summer has been the best summer with APX we've had. I've loved hanging out with all the wives and Seth's had his best summer yet as far as installs go. All things come to an end, and I would have had to leave Texas this summer sometime, but I'm just a bit sad that I have to go so soon. This summer has gone by way too fast. I'm just glad I had the opportunity to get to know so many great people! Maybe we'll have another summer similar to this one next year! :)

Seth and I went to go see "The Dark Knight" last night...a really late showing. It was really good! Creepy, but really good! Batman is still my favorite superhero! You should see it if you haven't already!

Jake, Seth's brother, is here with us in Texas for a while. He came to town on Wednesday, and Porter was a bit confused with him. He looks too much like his dad! As you can see, he's trying to figure him out...
...Jake will be travelling home with Seth, which is good. I'm glad he wont be here alone, and I'm glad he'll be driving with someone.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Doctor's, Baby Shower, Birthday, and 5 Months...

Believe it or not, all of these things happened on one day...yesterday :)

Porter wasn't getting much better with his stomach flu bug, so we took him to the doctor's office to see if anything other then recovering from it was wrong. He wasn't eating well, didn't have regular diapers, and was just having hard days all week. The doctor told us to give him a gentler formula so it would be easier on his bowels, some acidopholis (not quite sure how to spell it, but it's the bacteria in yogurt) in his formula in the morning and evening, and Pedialite to keep him hydrated. He hasn't been a whole lot better since, but I can tell there is a good difference. I decided to give him some Tylenol, as well, because I think on top of all of this he might be teething. Ah, the joys of parenthood...

Well, after the doctor's office, Porter took a nap, and I was about to, when Dayna calls to ask me if I needed a ride to Chelsea's baby shower. "Oh yah! That's in like 10 minutes, huh!" So, needless to say, I went to the shower in sweats and looking like junk, but at least I went, right?

Chelsea's shower was a lot of fun! Brooke did a really good job planning it! There were a lot of fun games played and really great food to eat. It was held at Tammy Townsend's, who has an absolutely gorgeous house and is one of the nicest women I've met down here. Chelsea looks great at 30 weeks! She doesn't even look like she's past her sixth month! Let's just say, I'm slightly envious. :) Just glad I'm not pregnant...

Chelsea looking royal, placing the crown on her head.

Anna having to chug water out of a sippy cup in 30 seconds.

After the shower, I felt a little bad about not looking my best for these celebrations, so in the short time before going to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Chelsey's birthday, I fixed myself up a bit. Porter had fallen asleep again, so this was easier to do. (Poor kid had to be woken up twice to go somewhere...I'm a mean mommy) This was my first time eating at the Cheesecake Factory, and I just have to say, it is REALLY good! Of course, the cheesecake was amazing, but the food was great, too!

We're just posers! :)

Happy 22nd Chelsey!

Porter was celebrating as well...doesn't he just look so happy :)
He turned 5 months yesterday, but this was really the only picture I got of only him that day...

When Seth got home that night, he brought home one of the technicians, James, with him and a movie about Butch Cassidy. Well, the movie stunk, but the company was good. Why we stayed up so late watching it, I'll probably never know...definitely a busy day!

PS(es): Seth is no longer installing in Waco, which makes us very happy.
I will be going home with Porter to Twin Falls on the 30th.
You can still post a memory on the following blog :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I saw this game on a few of my friends blogs and it looked like fun. You don't have to join in, but if you want to, read the instructions below...

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, if it is recent or years old, silly or serious--anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Porter and Seth have stomach I feel very much like a nurse today. Too bad I still have a cold...but it's going away. Last night was a long night and I'm pretty sure that today and tonight will be long too. Is it bad to say that I'm glad Seth is home today because of this and not in Waco? Basically, in a way, I'm glad he's sick so that he's home...that sounds really bad...:)
I hope none of you are sick, but if you need a nurse, I'm already in the business so come on over! ;)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Life Tag

Warning: long post...did me and then asked Seth to do one too...over the phone :)

20 Years Ago I:
1. Was just barely 2 years old.
2. Loved to suck my thumb
3. Put my finger in my belly button as much as possible
4. Loved playing with my ponies and building blocks
5. Was adorable :)

10 Years Ago I:
1. Was 12 and in my awkward stage...hence the VERY embarrassing picture.
2. Basically had a crush on any boy who even talked to me.
3. Hated my braces because they hurt.
4. Was so excited to be in Young Womens so I could go to Girls Camp.
5. Thought I was so old because I was finally in 7th grade, first year of Junior High.

5 Years Ago I:
1. Was in my absolute favorite year of High School...SENIOR!
2. Got first place in State Solos, a solo in All-State Mixed Choir, and was co-president in my absolute favorite show choir JIVE!
3. Actually started likeing the way I looked
4. Thought I was in love with the guy I'd marry...(yah right)
5. Became a man-hater when the guy I thought I was in love with dumped me for one of my best friends...oh the drama...

1 Year Ago I:
1. Just graduated from BYU-Idaho and had an amazing year! I'd gotten first place at the dance competition doing the absolute favorite dance!! I was a member of Collegiate Singers when we got to go on a Sacred Music Tour. I got to go with my sister, which was awesome! I also did Vocal Union again, and was president for the second year :)
2. Got to go to Chile with Sound Alliance and Vocal Union. It was like the honeymoon Seth and I never got, but with a bunch of performances every day :)
3. Was happily married for 1.52 years...exactly
4. Had just found out I was pregnant...whoops! (those pictures are on the blog already...)
5. Got my second blood clot from the pregnancy and had to fly home to Twin Falls to be taken care of until Seth came to get me and he went to school in August.

So Far This Year I Have:
1. Had a child!!
2. Moved to Texas for the third time! But, have absolutely enjoyed it.
3. Realized stretch marks and "pooches" are okay when you've just had a baby.
4. Learned that the Weight Watchers Smart Ones are a life-saver
5. Successfully accomplished losing some weight after Porter was born. I have yet to continue.

Yesterday I:
1. Cleaned.
2. Watched So You Think You Can Dance with a bunch of the wives.
3. Took care of Porter.
4. Prepared for Seth's return for the night.
5. Had a nice evening with my husband.

Today I:
1. Fed Porter his first serving of rice cereal!!
2. Said goodbye to Seth for a few days.
3. Called a number of apartment complexes so that we can have somewhere to live when we get to Portland.
4. Will watch the results of last nights So You Think You Can Dance with a bunch of the wives.
5. Have taken care of Porter.

Tomorrow I will:
1. Take care of Porter
2. Make some crafts at the Fabulous Friday craft event the Ward is putting on.
3. Be hot when I walk outside
4. Call more apartment complexes
5. Hopefully spend the rest of my birthday money!!

This Photo taken by: Chelsey Timmerman

In The Next Year I will:
1. Move to Portland for four years
2. Kiss and love my husband and son lots! :)
3. Get subsudized housing!!
4. Hopefully be back down to sizes 6-8 like I was in high school
5. Hopefully be involved in many community events as far as dancing, singing, acting, and drawing are concerned ;)

20 years ago I:
1. Was five years old
2. Started Kindergarten
3. Asked for a Corvette for Christmas (some things never change)
4. Hung out with Jake
5. Liked to ride down the canal at Grandma's

10 years ago I:
1. Was 15 years old
2. Had a girlfriend
3. Got my driver's permit
4. Liked going to Stake Dances
5. Wrestled pretty good

5 years ago I:
1. Was on my mission in Carlsbad, CA
2. Tracted a lot
3. Had to stay away from girls
4. Had to live with boys
5. Ate a lot of food

1 year ago I:
1. Went to Chile
2. Had a surprise pregnancy
3. Worked with APX again
4. Took the OAT
5. Graduated.

So far this year I:
1. Got accepted to Optometry School
2. Had a child
3. Worked at McDonalds
4. Moved to Texas again with APX
5. Lost a lot of sleep

Yesterday I:
1. Installed alarms
2. Packed some stuff
2. Worked out
3. Came home to wife
4. Had a nice evening with wife.

Today I:
1. Helped feed Porter the first feeding of rice cereal
2. Went back to Waco
3. Installed alarms
4. Will work out
5. Will go to bed.

That's as far as Seth cooperated...understandable...but I wanted to do info for both of us since this is supposed to be both of our blog...oh well! It was still a fun tag. Something to do. So if you want to do it, you're welcome to :)

Monday, July 7, 2008


The APX office is selling in Waco, starting today. Because of this, Seth has officially moved there with the technicians. Something neither he nor I are enjoying. Waco is almost 2 hours away from Round Rock hence the move for the techs. He will be staying in an apartment-hotel probably for the rest of the season. I didn't move with him because if I had, I would be torturing myself staying in that hotel all day with no friends. Plus, it would have been too much effort to move there especially because I'll be flying back to Twin in 2-3 weeks with Porter. Seth will try to come home Wednesday and Saturday nights. I'll be looking forward to those nights and Sundays before I head out.
This summer is going quickly!!


Yesterday, Seth, Porter, and I went to downtown Austin. We went specifically to go to the Congress Ave. Bridge where there is the world's largest urban bat colony...

We arrived right when they started coming out from under the bridge. Perfect timing :). As you can see, it's a pretty popular thing to go see with all the people standing on the bridge.

They just kept coming!! Gross, and yet absolutely amazing!

I especially like the last picture...the bats made a bat in their formation :)
I hope I didn't gross you out too bad!

Sunday napping

A couple sundays ago, Porter and I were taking a nap... the same position...
I didn't know Seth took a picture of this until yesterday.
We had a good laugh, and I thought I'd give you a good laugh, too :)
He also took a video recording of it...but I still cant seem to post those. Takes too much time.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth!

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!
Ours wasn't exactly the greatest...
I have a cold, which made it hard to want to get out and do anything...Porter is catching it, it seems, and so he's acting as though everything is going to kill him, which made it even harder to want to get out and do anything. One good thing is, Seth came home early so I got a bit of a break because he took Porter, ordered pizza, and rented a movie...which was nice because we don't get to do that much and I got to relax a bit. It was nice to have Seth home, but I was such a stuffed-up, hurting wreak that I was no fun...
On top of that, add a bad sunburn, feeling like junk because I've missed two days of exercise, not getting enough sleep, and cramps...and you get a grumpy, sick invalid...oh joy.
I feel sorry for my family...