Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Mama

For the most part, Porter is a very independent child. He likes to play by himself, but there's a catch. If he's playing, you can't be further than five feet away from him or else he starts complaining, trying to climb things to get to you, and (if he catches you) crawiling up your pants. If HE goes further than five feet away, that's okay, but the moment you move from where you're sitting, he comes crawling back as fast as he can and starts climbing your pants, complaining again. When playing, he goes around climbing on everything, opening things he's not supposed to, and dancing to music in his head. He's such a fun kid.
Just now, I blocked off a little play area for him so that I could watch him play, like he likes. He crawled around for a little bit, but then started climbing my legs. Being that my feet are together, and my legs apart (so lady-like), he stood on my feet, put his head on my knee and sighed. This he only did for a couple seconds before looking up at me, smiling, and dancing on my feet. It was as if he was saying, "Okay, I've loved you up. Now entertain me, please."
Basically every day, I'm in need of a belt, I scold myself for not getting child locks (yet), my feet feel very much stepped on, and I don't accomplish much.
By the way, this whole time, I've been switching typing regular and one-handed because he keeps trying to get the keyboard. When he realizes I've got it too far away, he gives up. But when I start typing with two hands again, he's climbing my legs again, trying to get it.
What a cutie.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Something Scary

I don't know what is happening to my body. It's like ever since I took birth control when I was first married, it's been screwed up. I'd never been to the doctor except for wisdom teeth removal after I got back from my first year of college. And then after marriage, it's been basically once a year, at least. October seems to be my favorite month for bodily scares...appropriate, I guess.
Yesterday, I went to the emergency room because I had a pain on the left-hand side of my body down in the pelvic area. Since I have an IUD, I was afraid maybe I had an ectopic pregnancy. That is one of the risks with this device. So, considering the history I've had with birth control risks, I thought it was best to go check it out.
After about a million blood tests, an ultrasound, waiting for 7 hours, and other things, I was told that nothing was wrong with me. That what I had sounded like an ovarian cyst, and I would be fine if I went home and took some pain killers.
It was nice to know that everything was fine, but I wish they could've done it faster than they did. Oh well.
Today has been extremely uneventful compaired. The pain in my side is pretty much completely gone. Now I just have some pain in my arm where the IV was, and I'm suffering from a cold that turned into laryngitis last night while in the ER.
I hope Porter doesn't get any croup. That scares me more than an ectopic pregnancy.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

6th Folder 6th Picture

Tagged by Anna :)
Go into your pictures, open up the sixth folder and go to the sixth picture.
This is actually one of my favorite pictures! I was in El Paso with Seth installing, and I was waiting in the car one day near this palm I just started snaping pictures because I took my camera with me every day (believe me, it was sooooo boring there). I just wanted to get some interesting angles of the branches...and lo an behold there was this bird in a nest there! I had zoomed into the perfect spot to catch a shot of this bird! Pretty sweet.
I tag: Liz Kasper, Jamie Benson, Lara Stice, Stephanie Meyet, and anyone else who wants to!

Fall Break

This weekend was Seth's Fall break, and boy was it needed! Porter and I have been so happy to have Seth's undivided and Seth's loved being home. We're all sad to see the weekend end. Good news is Thanksgiving is coming right around the corner!

We all have caught colds this week...lucky as far as doing a lot, we didn't. We went to the pumpkin patch, which was a lot of fun, and we went to the temple today. We're so glad we were able to go. It was definitely needed.

Interesting story: the last time Seth and I were at the Portland temple, we were on the BYU-Idaho tour where we met. I forgot my camera, which is a bummer, because I wanted to document it, but here's a really pretty picture of it anyway.
PS: Porter officially has 5 teeth as of yesterday!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Hunting

Welcome the the Plumper Punpkin Patch!
There's lots to do!
You can pick your own pumpkin,
go through a hay maze,
slide down little slides,
and big slides!
you can race rubber ducks,
ride on tractors,
pet and feed animals,
play indian,
play on everything,
eat your overalls,
play with daddy,
even check out a huge potato gun!
But, our favorite part was the pumpkins,
and the people!

We even got to take home one of the pumpkins!

Thanks, Coles and Pitts for a great afternoon!

"Okay, Mama, no more pictures!"

Spooky Party Time

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. What other day can you dress up!? To celebrate this spooky time of year, we went to the PAVA Halloween party. PAVA is basically a wives group on campus. It's Pacific Association for Vision Awareness. This is actually the only activity I've attended because they didn't send me emails until just recently.
Anyway, this is us!

Not exactly my favorite picture. Maybe we'll have a better one on Halloween...but this next picture is one of my favorites :)
Porter was so cute at the party. He was so funny. He saw us all dressed up and looked at us like we were all weirdos. Even when we put on his cute little mouse outfit, he kept looking at me like "okay what's going on?"

Cute little mouse.

We had a little photoshoot of the little babies that were there, and they were so adorable! I just love little baby costumes!
They sat still for only a second...and then they were too curious about eachother to stay still anymore.

So cute.

Porter's First Haircut

Porter has this thing lately where he just wont cooperate when I take out the camera...



Monday, October 13, 2008

Last Move!!!! least for the next 3.5 years...
But that's a really good thing considering this is move #8 since we've been maried...and we've been married for 2 years 10 months...
Can I just express my JOY!!!!!!!!!!!
...there. It's been expressed.

Other than that, Porter has turned 8 months!!! He's getting so big! His tooth count (as of today) is 4, and I'm sure #5 is on it's way within the week! He's not even fussy! Just a little stuffed up. He's such a cutie, and I just love him so much! Yesterday I was out running errands while Seth watched him, and when I came home, he came crawling as fast as he could toward me saying, "ama, ama, ama!" When he's excited, he forgets the first "m." It was so extremely super cute! I sure love this little man.

PS: Porter also got his first haircut last night! I'm so excited because now he no longer has the big thick sides! I'll post pictures later this week.

Quirky Tag

From Anna :)
6 quirks of mine

1. I have this thing I do that I've done since...well since birth basicially. I put my finger in my belly button...when I can. I don't even realize I'm doing it until Seth says something or it just comes to me that I'm doing it. I don't really know why I do, but I think it's a comfort thing...I usually find myself doing it when I'm upset about something.

2. I am obsessed with Mily Ways and ice cream. Definitely my two weaknesses when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and comfort food. Now that we're on food stamps, I've been getting ice cream as part of groceries...that's okay right? Now I just need to exercise again...

3. I love eyes...they are my favorite part of the face. If I'm doodling, I usually end up drawing the right eye and shading it and everything...always the right eye...I'm weird.

4. When I have company over, I feel like the house has to be spotless...that includes the bedroom and everything. I never get to cleaning everything, so when people are over I feel like I have to apologize when the apartment isn't perfectly clean. I'm sure it gets annoying sometimes.

5. If I had the means, I'd go do something every day. If I am stuck at home, I go crazy. I feel like a person in an insane asylum. I get really impatient when I have nothing to do.

6. I'm really not a fan of talking over the phone. I don't even really like texting either (which Seth got me on a plan now, by the way, which has been pretty nice). I prefer talking in person to someone because then I can see their facial expressions when they're saying something. It makes conversation a lot easier to understand especially if someone is being sarcastic.

I tag: Laura, Sarah, Lindsey Christensen, and Becca, but anyone can do it if they would like to!

Ten "D" things

...wait...that doesn't sound too good ;)

Liz tagged me with a new list to post on the blog. The tagger gives you a letter and you're supposed to come up with ten things you like that start with said letter.
My letter is D...we'll see how this goes!

1. Dada to Porter: Seth! Of course he's number one!
2. Daring and adorble little Porter!
3. Definitely our parents
4. Dancing!!! Especially Ballroom!
5. Drawing and painting...basically art, but it's gotta be a D
6. not the emotional kind, the theatrical kind!
7. Downloads...mainly Office ones :)
8. Dates with my number one.
9. Doing my singing thing
10. December 17, 2005 our wedding day!

If you would like to make your own list, leave me a comment and I'll assign you a letter! (It's pretty fun!)

Adventures of the Porter Kind

Porter enjoys playing on our bed with us when we put him there. We don't have our headboard at the moment because it is with other things of ours in Casper. So...because of his infinite curiosity, Porter ended up stuck in between the bed and the wall...needless to say, he was not happy about this once he realized he was stuck. I was glad we had the APX blanket shoved behind it so our pillows wouldn't fall backward. It made a nice, mostly safe cushion.

My poor child...when I think something is too funny to pass up a picture, I let him suffer for a little bit. I'm not a very good mom.
Porter's climbing ability is improving so much, it's scary. Sometimes he doesn't know his limits and ends up falling on the floor. Luckily, it doesn't faze him and he just gets right up again. I think the funniest thing is when he wants up, he'll crawl over and climb up our pants until we pick him up.

Porter's new way of playing with his seat...

Gammie sent us one of Porter's bath toys we'd left in Twin, and he was so happy to be able to play in the water! This picture pretty much just speaks for itsself...

Another thing I had to document this week is Porter's binky smile. He has a new "chew the binky" thing, and he surprised me by climbing up my legs with the binky looking like this...

I had to hurry and grab the camera, so sorry that the pictures aren't really the best angles...
My little boy is so cute.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Number One Song

Check out this site to find Billboard's number one songs for specific dates that are important to you.
Here is a look at our song history...
Seth's birthday "Baby, Come to Me" by Patti Austin & James Ingram
My birthday "On My Own" by Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonald
The Day we got married "Run It!" by Chris Brown
Porter's birthday "Low" by Flo Rida featuring T-Pain
Pretty fun!


Kaylee was kind enough to tag me on a day that I'm bored out of my mind! goes!

List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, and 3 random surprises about yourself.

3 Joys...
1. Being eternally married to my best friend
2. Having an adorable, pretty easy and happy child who I love more than life
3. ice cream

3 Fears...
1. Getting any sort of disease either me or my family
2. That this country will get worse because people don't know who they're voting for and just trust the media to tell them who to vote for
3. Clowns...

3 Goals...
1. Be healthier...including getting in shape
2. Be a good homemaker, mother, wife, and friend
3. Get into the Portland Symphonic Choir (because I'm bored like crazy)

3 Current Obsessions...
1. The Office
2. Crafts
3. Craigslist

3 Random Surprises...
1. sometimes I slap my legs as if I am drumming, but I have no actual beat in my head
2. As much as I enjoy new clothes...I'm really not a huge fan of long shopping trips. Maybe that'll change when we have money.
3. I actually want to go back to school. I know I want to go back into Music, but I'm thinking of possibly going into cosmetology as well...

I am now tagging... anyone who enjoys these things! I actually like reading what everyone has to say.

PS: Laura I'll do your tag when we've moved into Subsidized housing...I'm not a fan of this apartment... :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cute Little Quirks

Porter does a little dance when he's excited about something, and it's so adorable! I love making him do it by just going up to him all excited. I got a snap of him doing his dance while he was in the middle of it. I love the result!

Lately, Porter has also been placing his binky in the corner of his mouth so he can chew on it, and sometimes he'll leave it there for a while, so he'll smile with it there. This picture is the best one I could get...he kept moving...
This isn't realy a quirk, but Porter has started holding his own bottle...sorta. He likes to hold it until he's bored of holding it. He hasn't seemed to grasp the concept that he can't crawl around AND hold his bottle.

Because of Porter's newly-found climbing abilities, he likes to peek his head up over his crib and his play pen. When he peeks it up, he gets really excited and starts bouncing and squeaking until we say "Peek-a-boo."

Ah, raspberries...he does these all day long...we think the face he makes while doing them is hilarious.

He also hasn't seemed to grasp the concept that hands and fingers feel and he doesn't have to use his mouth to feel everything...Every once in a while, I find him in different places tasting whatever he can find. His favorite things are little things on the floor that the vacuum missed, and then I couldn't see.

Climbing over, under, and through just about anything he sees. He thinks, if I see it, I can get there. Then he gets stuck.
Once again, tasting everything he sees or is given to him...
...and wishing he had more hair...

Sorry, buddy, you were born into the wrong family if you wanted a full head of hair.