Monday, August 31, 2009

Needed Changes

Because I am often bored, I play a bunch of different games on facebook. Some more feel-good than others (aka: farmtown vs mafiawars). I have found that playing so many games and doing so many things online has been detrimental to all of my social relationships.

My mom sent me a link to an article of a talk given by David Bednar, that made me re-think what games I should play and how I should spend the majority of my time.

Here is the link, if you would like to read it or watch it yourself.

As for me, I have already gotten rid of the games and applications that are not up to the standards I have made for myself. I hope I can stay strong in my resolve to make some necessary changes.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nothing Stops This Guy

Porter got a sunburn at the air show...

...bad Mommy and Daddy award...

...but it didn't slow him down a bit!

I sure love my little boy.

Air Show

Yesterday, we went to an air show in Hillsboro!

First one Porter and I have ever been to.

It was off and on rainy, so we didn't stay for long becuase we didn't bring our umbrella (what were we thinking?).
Definitely worth seeing!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Penguins, Peek-a-boo, and Porter

Our little Porter has fallen in love...

...with his penguin he likes to call "baby."

...I think he might be hinting something...
Look at this big boy!!!

It always amazes me how quickly he learns.

...and how cute he is.

This is his new favorite "peek-a-boo spot"

On Facebook, there is a game that Seth and I play--Farkle. It is one that can be frustrating...

I found myself saying "lame" and then shortly thereafter hearing a little mimicking voice say this:

Time to watch what I say!

Choir News

Back in June, I tried out for Portland Symphonic Choir. I felt like the tryout I had was the best tryout I have ever had. I know I had help from above because I hadn't "really" been singing for a long time. Everything about the tryout was perfect.

Maybe it was too perfect.

There was another round of tryouts they held for those who couldn't try out in June. It was in August. So, I had to wait to find out if I had made it for two months.

Well, the day finally came when I got the email I had been waiting for...

But, it wasn't the news I was hoping for.

I didn't make it.

I was devastated.

Seth and Porter didn't know what to do. I'm not one who cries unless I really have a good reason to. Porter wouldn't even look at me let alone let me hold him. Seth gave me a "lean" of a hug and tried to say calming things, but it didn't work.

Then I remembered I'd gotten an email from a choir I had looked into about another audition.

I emailed them back and had an audition the very next day!

I made it! :)

I am now a member of Beati Chorum, and I'm so glad because I am finally a part of an ensemble again!

Bad news: I wont be able to do the least until the spring because the rehearsals land on the same night...

But I can't tell you how happy I am that I'm singing!

If you would like more info on the choir click here

18 Months

I can't believe it...
Where has the time gone?
I can't even see the screen right now, let alone try to come up with a way to say my feelings at this point in time...
My sweet, handsome little man is growing up...

Foot Fetish?

Jenn F. and I took a girls day and went to Gorgeous Nails in Hillsboro to treat our feet! This was my first pedicure, and I was so excited! Here is the result:

My feet have never looked so good! And that's saying something since I do not have attractive feet
It was also very relaxing, and very needed.
Afterward, we went out to lunch at Panera Bread...YUM!
Thanks so much Jenn!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

$2 Tuesday

Seth, Ty, Sasha (Ty's sister), Porter, and I decided to brave the crowds for the last $2 Tuesday at the Oregon Zoo!
We left super early...8:40 make sure we got parking.
No problem, surprisingly.
There was a very long line of cars going out to the freeway when we arrived.
Porter enjoyed making animal sounds he knew and trying out new ones he'd never heard before.
His animal sound vocabulary is quite impressive, now!
It was really fun to see his reactions to the animals...which was mostly staring and then trying to make the sounds.
It was not so fun trying to get past the millions of strollers with our stroller to get closer to the animals.
I stayed behind with it most of the time...out of the way.
It was a very nice day outside, which made the whole experience very pleasant.
I didn't take pictures this time...
...even though I took my camera.
Most of the time I wasn't close enough to be able to get a good one anyway.
My favorite animal was Porter-pottamus
There were more people there when we left than when we arrived, and they just kept coming!
The car line went into the freeway.
I would not want to be trying to travel into Portland on a $2 Tuesday in the summer...
I wonder if it's always like that

"Fun Stinks"

We went to this fun little festival in North Plains. They had garlic ice cream...that sounded really nasty, so we didn't try it (maybe next time)...some little games for kids...that we couldn't afford...and a "car show" that Seth wanted to see...

...there's your car show!
There were only three cars, and this one was really the only one worth seeing. It was pretty funny.
So, basically, we stayed at the Festival for about 10 minutes before leaving.
But, it was an interesting 10 minutes!

The Arrival of Ty

I honestly didn't take any pictures, but I wanted to blog about when Ty came into town.

First, I'm so glad he's here because now Seth has his forever best friend...well, we hope it's his second forever best, anyway...close to where he is. He was always talking about how much he missed hanging with him, and how he wished they could talk they can! yay

Second, I'm so glad he's here becuase he brought things with him from Casper!!! We now have our headboard to our bed, some end tables for the living room, and he even brought an extra set of drawers to go under the bed!! I'm always excited to get something we've been missing...well, that I've been missing. Seth got some tools that he's been wanting as well, but I'm not as excited about those as he is...

Something I will miss now that he's here? Some alone time with Seth. Already, Seth's spent more time with Ty than with me, and yes, I've been a little jealous. I think Ty needs a wife so I can have someone to chat with as well...but, now that he's started school, things will be different.

I know that when Seth starts his second year on the 31st, no one will see him except Scott...and they're practically boyfriends...maybe then Ty and I will both be jealous...


probably not...

probably still be just me...

Something else I'll miss? Cleaning up after only two messy boys after they have their slurpees...

Welcome to Portland, Ty! Good luck with your first year at OHSU!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Posting Absence

It's been two weeks, and I'll post, I promise. I apologize to those who faithfully read this blog and have checked my site to no avail. Seth's best friend, Ty, has moved into they take up the main computer/TV to watch comedy shows...movies...TV shows...and other things...on Sunday afternoons/nights when I usually blog. I'm happy Seth has his friend close, but I think I will also be happy, perhaps happier, when I have my time slots again...and things are back to "normal"...
Until the time comes...perhaps tomorrow while Seth's working and Porter's napping...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quick Boise Trip

Our little family met up with... ENTIRE family to celebrate the union of...

...Kelly and Becca!!

This is the first time since Missy's marriage...this is Missy:


...that the whole family has been together! We were all very excited!

Becca, Kelly, and Arika looked so happy and beautiful!

The reception was held at a friend of Becca's...she has a very that was perfect for the occasion.

We were inside the house a was very hot outside.

The reception was very nice.

Toasts were made...

(...and while people were toasting...

...Porter learned how to take apart, and put back together the champagne glasses.)
And, pictures were taken...

...or were attempted to be taken...

We finally got to meet Rob's and Wendy's new addition, Kaysha, while we were there...

...who looks like she belongs to me. :)

And, I was surprised to find that my sister, Jo, and I were wearing the same dress!

*I bought it first...just wanted to make that clear ;)*

Joanna is actually shorter than me, and I was wearing heels that we had to improvise our situation a bit for the picture:

*Yes, I know how white I am...thank you for not pointing it out haha*

Jo also brought her boyfriend...(yes, boyfriend...she actually calls him that...those of you who are family will understand)

Joanna and Kory...I wouldn't be surprised if the next family reception I go to is theirs :)

After helping clean up a bit, we prepared to leave and go to Missy's place for the night. Porter was exhausted because he hadn't taken a nap that day and after travelling...not sleeping in his own bed...anyway, he was cranky. But, I couldn't leave without a picture of me and Becca!

She moved to Houston after this last weekend was over and who knows when we'll see eachother next...
When we got back in the car, Porter crashed. He fell asleep right after he was buckled and didn't wake up again until the next day when we went to 8:30 am...
After church...
We went to the Martin's (Kelly's parent's place) for a family luncheon.

Porter was still tired, I think...

Isaac had fun throwing bark...

Where did he go?

Porter was very shy...or clingy...whatever you want to call it...most of the trip..I'm sure it was because he was so tired, but Gammie had to try a little bribery to get him to come to her...

It worked!

My mom is so cute.

My dad is so weird...

My brother-in-law is kinda creepy...

My husband is so good-looking...

And, my sister is a cutie, too!

I love my family and all their craziness.
Porter cheered up before we left, and decided he needed to tell me something...

What a cutie!!
Oh, and PS:

I got a haircut while I was there :)
Quite the weekend!!