Saturday, May 29, 2010

Health Issue Update

Well, I finally heard from my doctors...

Turns out it was something viral and my liver enzyme levels are going down gradually.

So, I'm fine!

Good thing, too.

I am getting tired of long walks and lighter home workouts.

Gotta keep it up, though, right?

Only bad thing is that I am still tired easy.

That should go away soon enough.

I hope.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Bed

Porter's a big boy... it's time for a big boy bed!
And, some baby-proofing.

Porter loves his bed.

Or, should I call it a new jungle gym.

Thanks Missy and Eric!
PS: notice the new haircut daddy gave him?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Portland Saturday Market

Porter went on his first city buses and trains with us as we left town with the Pitts to head to the...

...near the waterfront.

There was a lot to look at!

Most of it slightly strange, but quite a bit of it was very some of the jewelry and artwork.

I felt a little like we'd stepped into a time machine and went back to the 60s and 70s!

Needless to say, we stuck out a bit.

We ran into something quite interesting, though.
Something the kids were especially happy to see.

Yep, water!

There were fountains near the river!
While Porter and Ezra started off timidly touching the water, Ryan started running all over the place.

Her bravery spread quickly...

*note: didn't want him wet at first, then gave up.*

It was so much fun watching them play!

We all know how Porter feels about water...

...Ezra doesn't have a mutual love for it.

In fact, I'm positive Porter was the cause of a lot of Ezra's splashing pains.

Definitely a water boy!

In the end, everyone was wet...

...and very happy!

Because we didn't bring a change of clothes, the kids looked very...interesting...on the way home.

We can just say we were helping to...

Thanks, Pitts!!
PS: if you see a common fuzzy theme, that's because I didn't know there was a smudge on the lens...but the pics are still cute!


I realized I'd forgotten to write about Mother's Day.

Because of what's going on with my health, we didn't do much, but I still had a wonderful day.

In fact, I have a wonderful day every time I get to hold Porter in my arms...

...or watch him sleep...

...or hear him laugh...

...or let him give me a "kiss attack"...

Every day as a mother is a wonderful day, and I'm so blessed to have such a sweetheart for a son.

I'm also blessed to have such amazing examples to follow.

Happy Mother's Day

PS: you should watch this video

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ah Health...

...why can't you just stay at a normal, well, place...

...or is there such a thing?

Apparently not for me.

Before coming back to Oregon from Twin, I started feeling tired.

I mean REALLY tired.

I didn't think much of it, being that I like to keep myself busy, up late, etc.

But this was different.

I wasn't only tired...


Not just every once in a while either...


Then the symptoms started showing up...

...sinus pressure, headaches, sore/swollen throat, loss of appetite, pains in my side, hugely swollen lymphnodes, wierdest one: swollen eyelids..., I drove home sick.

(Never gonna do again, by the way.)

Then I just never got better.

In fact, things started getting worse.

Went to the doctor which crossed mono and strep off my list of possibilites.

Went and got bloodwork done which crossed off other possibilities, but opened up another.

The problem is in my liver.


After more tests (not more blood, thankfully) off goes hepatitis.


So...what is it?

They don't know.

They're sending me to a GI doctor next Wednesday.

Thought I'd never see one till I was 50.

Apparently, it's not fatal...


Comfortable Couches


Just Gotta Say...

Without these two... here wouldn't be nearly as fun.
Or sane for that matter!
Thank you Scott and Brianne for being such AMAZING friends!!!

The Cloak of Compassion

Monday was a special day.
It was the day Seth received his white coat.
The White Coat Ceremony is a "rite of passage" for students beginning the study of medicine that encourages a psychological contract for professionalism and empathy in the practice of medicine. The event emphasizes the importance of both scientific excellence and compassionate care for the patient.

The white coat is a symbolic, non-verbal communication used to express and reaffirm a fundamental belief in a system that society observes. The authority of dress is serious and purposeful, not social, casual, or random. It is a guide to both the patient and clinician on how to react and relate to one another.
The uniform should convey to even the most anxious patient a sense of seriousness and purpose that helps provide reassurance and confidence that his/her complaints will be dealt with competently and seriously.
The students filled the seats.

Spotting Seth wasn't too hard...

But, just in case you missed his receding hairline...look behind the...floating head.

After some remarks, the procession began.
Then it was Seth's turn.

After receiving his coat, Dr. Yudcovitch, the keynote speaker, put a pin on that reads "Pacific Optometry Class of 2012."

Once everyone was seated again, all the students stood to recite the Optometric Oath.

Even though Seth's "not one for Pomp and Circumstance", I kept thinking to myself, "this really is a big deal!"
Seth has reached a turning point in his life!
What a great thing to celebrate.
Once the formalities were over, the class gathered together for a group shot.

Can you see Seth?
It's a little like Where's Waldo...

All of these hard-working men and women have passed from being just students and have become Optometric Interns!
We met outside for some good food and had more pictures taken.

We are SO PROUD!!
Seth with his friends: (L to R) Seth, Scott, Colton, Devin, Brandon, Eric, David, Shawn, Dave, and Aaron...

...and all of the wives: Jen, Jenny, me, Kristina, Jenn, Brianne, Erin, Tara, and Tana.

Seth, your hard work has been celebrated.
I'm so proud to be a part of this with you.
You are going to be a great Optometrist!

I know...
...because that white coat makes you look gooooood.
**thank you Kristina for the pictures!!!**
The white coat is the cloak of compassion.

"Porter's Computer"