Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shots Day

Lilia was all drugged up...

...but content...
...even with sore thighs and a fever.


Lilia decided Porter was her favorite the other day...

 He was her favorite in the morning...

Until it was time to eat...

But, when she was finished, Porter was her favorite again!
And, that's about how it was for the rest of the day.
Loved it.

Oh Crap!

Porter has his own little area that he can play with when he has my iPad.
He's not allowed to go anywhere else or he's not allowed to use it for a week.
Usually, he only plays on it when I'm taking a much-needed nap.
The other day, while I was taking said nap and Porter was playing, Gammie called...
And his face says it all.
(I love that he learned how to take a screen picture before me...on accident)
I have since informed him that he is allowed to answer calls from people he knows.


Nothing is more attractive than a father chatting with his child.
Well, maybe that same father doing the dishes could compete.
Lilia certainly has the vocal capability to be a great singer!
**Seth didn't know I was recording at first...I was using my camera then the battery died, so I switched to the iPad...hence the different volumes.**

4 Months

My beautiful baby girl all ready for church when she turned four months old!

 Wearing the adorable booties hand-crafted by my Aunt Kathryn!
Those four months went too fast.

Little Mover

Lilia may start lying down on her playmat straight, but she certainly doesn't stay straight!
Her hair line is showing how much she moves around, as well.
Porter likes to join her sometimes...

To show her how to look at herself.
He always says, "We're together!"
It's really cute.

Not too impressed.