Sunday, April 25, 2010


Porter and I made the trip down to Twin Falls last Sunday to escape Seth's finals week...this week.

Alas, the camera batteries are dead, so I don't think or know if we have taken new pictures before we left.

I do know we haven't since we left.

Porter was an amazing little traveller, though.

No fussing, very cooperative...

...until he threw up.

Luckily, for us, we were almost to Missy's in Boise.

We stayed there a couple days while he got over it.

Poor prego Missy caught the bug after we left.


Twin is still as beautiful as ever, and I love being here!

Even if I brought some rain with me this time.

Good luck with finals this week, Seth!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some Achievements Worth a Mention

Seth has passed his 21 point exam!!!

That's a weird way of saying he knows how to give a full eye exam flawlessly.


Plus, I've reached my goal of losing 30 pounds!


Took a year, but totally worth it.

...I wouldn't be upset if I lost 10 more...



Porter's soaked...again.
But, he's not whining because he is.

He's whining because I'm not letting him "see" the picture before I actually take one.
Well, excuse me.
I let him see those...ones...haha...and then he was willing to pose for me.

Little pill.


Porter was awesome at finding all the eggs this year!
I had hid them before the second session of General Conference and he had found over half before it was over.
He was very excited after finding the first one because he figured out what was inside!

Gimme some candy!

For Easter dinner, we invited the Johansens over!

We thought we could make it a tradition!

Don't you love Seth's pink football?
Porter was too distracted with candy to join in with the egg coloring.
Happy Easter!

Spring Break in Twin

Seth, Porter, and I drove Jo home and spent our spring break with my parents!
We also went to register the car there.
Cheaper than WY and OR!
Idaho rocks.
That's coming from an true Idahoan, but it really does.
Anyway, Mom put Seth to work almost immediately!

The tree had been dying for years, and it was time for it to go.
There are many memories with that tree.
I think Seth enjoyed playing with the chainsaw.
Porter loved going outside in the backyard any time he could get someone to open the door for him.

He mostly just yelled at us when he was out there...

He was certainly creative when finding a way back inside...

Sometimes when he was out there, he got creative with other things, too...

Our child is also a budding musician...

I think it must run in the family.

Porter loved playing with Senji, and it was really cute to watch, as well...

I think he wore him out!

No wonder Porter slept so well every night!
We had a great break with the family, and were sad to come home!
Especially when home welcomed us with more school and even more pouring rain.

A Drive to Twin

Jo came to visit over a perfect week.
It was rainy the day she came, but was sunny for the rest of the time!
Until the day we all left!
Someone must love her.
We drove Jo back to Twin.
But, we made a quick stop at a falls first :)

Then we were on our way!

Forest Park

Literally in the middle of Portland, there is an enormous park where you can hike, bike, etc.
I had no idea it was there.
Jo found it online and wanted to go.
So, we did!

Very pretty, and a very hard hike!

But we were happy hikers!

*I would've been happier if I'd remembered to leave my purse in the car, though*
On our way back--we didn't even go the whole way. More like an eighth of it because of how big it is--Jo wanted to take a short cut.

Yah...didn't happen.

To the Beach

Day 3 of Jo's visit, we started with a little crafting...

And while it dried...

We travelled some more! *and, really, I didn't mind it as much as it appears in that picture...*

Jo enjoyed the drive!

And, just in case you missed his face behind Jo...

Porter did too!

It was a beautiful day at Cannon Beach that day.

I was so glad because it had been so rainy lately.

Porter and Jo enjoyed playing in the sand and water.

And playing with Porter's truck...

Well, maybe Jo did.

On their return back, Jo decided to do some sand-writing.

Porter wanted to join, too!


I like this next one better:

And then it was back to the water!

While I stayed to watch the stuff...

And take some pretty pics.

Just some prefacing: Porter's swimsuit is too small for him, so I didn't bring it.

I also seemed to have forgotten a swim diaper for him.

But, that didn't stop him from getting completely soaked.

He's not crying because he's wet.

He's crying because Jo took him away from the water.

Silly boy.

I wouldn't let him go back in the water, so he played in the sand some more.

Such cute little toes :)
Jo showed him a few tricks, as well...

What a great day!

On the way home, we stopped so Jo could try some fresh spring water!

Really tasty.

...unless you get it up your nose.

And, the final products from that morning?

(that wasn't vertical when I loaded it, but I'm too lazy to go back and fix it)

Jo's ^^

and mine

So cute.
Just in time for Easter!