Sunday, May 29, 2011

Got it Covered

My latest creation:

Check out the tutorial on the craft blog!

Now to finish the second one...


Porter loves balloons.

Probably one of the most obvious kid statement ever, but he seriously does.

Every Monday after going grocery shopping, we make a stop at Little Ceasars to pick up a Hot-N-Ready.

I make sure to get Porter a balloon while I'm there.

Porter is sad when I take his deflated to nothing balloons and throw them away.

I have to do so in secret most of the time.

Because of this, on Tuesday he surprised me.

Little Emma lost her balloon while she was playing outside.

Porter noticed and wouldn't stop talking about it.

He had his balloon from Little Ceasars that we had from the day before in his hand, so I asked him if he might want to give his balloon to Emma since she had lost hers.

First he said, "nooo...." very slowly and thoughtfully.

Then he went to the door, put on his shoes, and with balloon in hand told me he wanted to go over to Emma's house and give her his balloon!

I was slightly in shock.

But, that's exactly what he did!

We walked over, knocked on the door, and right as Jenny opened it, Porter let himself in and went straight for Emma.

Emma was so excited!

Her expression was priceless.

I am so proud of Porter!

What a thoughtful son. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Beginning

Today is the beginning of the last year of schooling for Seth.

It is his first day starting his clinical externship rotations.

There are four rotations--each three months long.

His first two are here in Oregon, so we will be around for six more months.

This is nice for two obvious reasons, but also nice because we don't have to say goodbye to everyone who hasn't or isn't leaving right now.

Seth's last two are in Wyoming.

The move to Wyoming will be our tenth as a married couple.

It may or may not be our last big move, and we may or may not be living together every day for those months.

Kinda crazy to think about...but I don't have to worry about that until November.

Quite a few friends have already left on their various rotations.

Most of whom we weren't able to see before they left because of our choice to go to Twin.

We needed to make that trip, but it makes me sad to think that I wont be able to see those friends again for a year.

Sometimes that's just how life goes, I guess.

Even though this year comes with a lot of different types of changes and challenges, I'm very excited!

It will be a bittersweet year.

I like to think more sweet than bitter.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

25 Weeks Ultrasound and Update

This previous week's ultrasound was an "if it's not one thing it's something else" type of ultrasound.

Actually, they've all been a little like that lately...


First, we saw the cardiologist who informed us that there was a small hole connecting two ventricles, but that it should close on its own either before or shortly after birth.

That was great news!

Then we continued with the measuring of the babies to check for twin to twin transfusion and whatever else that is pretty typical.

I noticed something floppy on the screen and asked the technician about it.

She gave me a few possibilities as to what it could be.

Turns out, it appears to be the membrane that separates the babies.

So, now instead of being mono-di twins (or twins that share a placenta but have separate personal sacs) they could be mono-mono twins (or twins that share...everything).

This could be good or it could be bad.

Mono-mono twins are scary things when they're tiny.

The chance of survival is nearly zero.

What happens with that situation is, the babies end up killing eachother since their umbilical chords get all tangled and twisted together.

Being that this is a spontaneous rupture of the membrane (almost unheard of, apparently) the babies are bigger, and they're not as concerned of them swimming around eachother enough for that to happen.

Plus their chords are stronger now that they're bigger as well.

Also, twin to twin transfusion, if it was or would happen, isn't as big of a concern with them sharing everything.

So...basically next ultrasound, they are going to try to see for sure if that membrane is in fact ruptured.

With this situation, if it is the case, they may take the babies at 34 weeks.

This means, we may have our girls here in 8 weeks...

...not totally ready for that yet.

I must grow very strong babies...

...that want to be together.

Baby A did not cooperate this week, and we didn't get any pictures of her.

This makes me sad.

But, we DID get a 3D image of baby B...

...and they ARE going to look alike :).

Remind you of anyone?

After the ultrasound, at about 4 that same day, I started getting really bad lower abdominal pain.

It got worse as the day progressed.

So, at midnight, we took a trip to the local ER.

Who sent us back to Legacy so we could be taken care of by "my" labor and delivery people there.

We got there at about 3 AM, and they started an IV...

...after poking me three times.

I wasn't too fond of that.

The diagnosis after a bunch of tests was ligament pain.

But, what I thought interesting was that the pain was coming from exactly where my placenta is.

I had pain where my placenta was with Porter, too, but not as bad as this.

My diagnosis?

The babies are pulling on their chords...and after a long day of that, it hurts.

So, Tylenol is my friend.

As is my bed.

I'm glad that it wasn't anything to worry about, but it was certainly not a fun experience.

And it made for a very long day.


I never took a before picture, but I figure that's irrelevant.

There are plenty of pictures of how the apartment used to be.

We've started to really start preparing for the arrival of these two.

Good thing, because I'm officially in my third trimester!

Without further ado, here is the new arrangement...

Don't mind the laptop leaning against the entertainment center...

...that's how we watch TV.

I'm really loving the space the new arrangement has given us.

I've also rearranged Porter's room, we're preparing a guest area in our multi-purpose room, and adding a nursery area in our master.

So excited!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Going to the Races

Porter and Grumpa had so much fun going to the races last time that we had to do it again!

This time with Daddy!

We started off the evening with a roll-over contest...

That was the first contestant...I didn't have my camera for the winner (who rolled quite a bit) due to taking a certain someone to the restroom.

We got to see a tank "push" the hawaii 5-0 car around the track...

Car problems don't stop entertainment!

We also got to see a bunch of 10-15 year olds wreak their cars and drive with no inhabitions...that was one of our favorite parts.

And then we got to witness a Demolition Derby!

Guess who we were rooting for...

Of course!

Porter even came prepared...

It helped that a familiar name was painted on the side...

The BSU car won a cash prize for looking the best.

But, this one won the derby...

Here's what Porter thought:

Then it was time to prepare for the "main event!"

Jumping a bus on to two waiting RVs.

While we were waiting for them to finish setting up, we had plenty of entertainment...

Here's the bus checking out the ramp...

He didn't hit it well... fact, they should have had a wider ramp...and this shouldn't have been his first attempt at this stunt, but what can you do?

We all knew this wouldn't end too well.

(I sound like I'm laughing at the fact he failed in the video, but I was laughing because the fireworks scared me...)

He was alright.

Walked away and everything.

I wouldn't be surprised if he tried it again.

And, what did I do besides take pictures and videos?

I tried to protect myself from the second hand smoke all around me.


A happier note:

Porter got to try rolling down a hill!

I really wanted to join him, but...

Fun night!

Thanks, Dad!

Look, Mommy

This is what happens when you leave me alone in Gammie's music room...

All those dry-erase markers are too tempting.


I would really love a back yard.

For days like this:

Porter can use his energy in an enclosed location.

Makes it better when Senji and Gammie join him.

He even got to do a little gardening.

It was so nice!!

So nice, in fact, that Senji decided to stop playing fetch and relax.

We are so ready for the summer sunshine!

...and a back yard.

After Almost 5.5 Years...

Seth and I got to have a second piece of our wedding cake!!

The story:

Seth and I were sick with colds for our reception in Twin Falls, so we weren't really all that hungry.

We figured we'd have leftovers and get to eat more of our wedding cake later when the reception was over until...

...we saw Mom's bishop taking the rest of the wedding cake away with him to HIS car!

I turned to my mom and said, Is that all that's left of the wedding cake?

When she said yes, I informed her that the only piece Seth and I even got to have of it was the piece we shared/smashed in eachother's faces.

She told me she's felt guilty ever since.

SO, while we were there, she surprised us and came upstairs with this:

And we made sure to make it a photo op!

Porter was especially excited to get a slice.

And we were much nicer with our sharing.

Here's what Porter thought about the cake...

I think we need to go to more weddings so he will understand what a wife is.


Thanks Mom!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shoshone Falls

If you've been to Twin Falls area, you may have seen this...

...if you haven't been, go.

Here is Shoshone Falls in all its glory:

I haven't seen it like this in years.

The mist went out really far!

And the roar of the water was quite loud.

Porter wasn't too fond of being so close...

Didn't keep us from being there.

Or from going to another lookout location...


Porter still wasn't too happy to be there...

But, we stayed for some quick family pictures.

A few things I miss about Twin Falls...or the mountain west in general I should say...

Thunderstorms, the smell of the rain after it falls (because it smells clean instead of moldy), and the sunsets...

...where you can see the WHOLE sky.

Love it.

And, for your viewing pleasure...

Porter saw a rock chuck, but it went away.

So to say where the rock chuck went, Porter made up a story!

Silly boy.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hop 2 It

We went to a fun place called:

It had a bunch of blow-up play things!

Porter had a blast on every one of them.

Check out this form...

I think I may have a future basketball player on my hands!

Porter needed som coaxing to get up this one...

Once he went down once, he was hooked!

I love how tiny he looks on this huge slide.

Porter shows some promise in baseball, too!

Even when it's floating in the air!

He hit it a few times, as well...

You can see it in the left corner under the plastic thing.

Got some pretty good mid-air shots...

Porter flipping...

One of my favorite things to watch was Porter and Seth.

Porter definitely enjoyed this place.

Porter didn't want to pose.
Porter found a fun ball pit to play in.

A couple other kids joined him in the pit, and the kids started throwing balls at Seth.

Porter figured out that the odds were a bit unfair and joined the side of his father...

I think he just wanted to be part of the winning team.

Fun place!