Sunday, May 8, 2011

Master of the Potty

Porter has mastered going to the the potty!!

And, I mean the BIG potty!

In fact, he wasn't all that interested in the little one, and that was perfectly fine with me.

While he would go in the bathroom for a "good try" or even a successful trip, I would go into our "multi-purpose" room where I craft, and put together this...

To see the whole thing, go to my craft blog

Porter LOVES this book!

He was so happy when I finished it!

So was I, because I finished it the same day he figured out the potty!

Can you guess what his favorite page is?

{future location of cute video reading the book...I don't like my internet}

A potty-trained son is the perfect Mother's Day myself :)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Oh man Sierra I really really want a book like that!! How did you do it????