Monday, May 16, 2011

Hop 2 It

We went to a fun place called:

It had a bunch of blow-up play things!

Porter had a blast on every one of them.

Check out this form...

I think I may have a future basketball player on my hands!

Porter needed som coaxing to get up this one...

Once he went down once, he was hooked!

I love how tiny he looks on this huge slide.

Porter shows some promise in baseball, too!

Even when it's floating in the air!

He hit it a few times, as well...

You can see it in the left corner under the plastic thing.

Got some pretty good mid-air shots...

Porter flipping...

One of my favorite things to watch was Porter and Seth.

Porter definitely enjoyed this place.

Porter didn't want to pose.
Porter found a fun ball pit to play in.

A couple other kids joined him in the pit, and the kids started throwing balls at Seth.

Porter figured out that the odds were a bit unfair and joined the side of his father...

I think he just wanted to be part of the winning team.

Fun place!


Suzanne said...

I broke my finger in two places going down one of those slides... Still love to go play there though!! Looks like the boys had fun! :)

Laura Howe said...

so much fun!! I love it! It is a good thing you married Seth, cause he will never forget how to play. Lucky Porter!