Sunday, May 22, 2011

25 Weeks Ultrasound and Update

This previous week's ultrasound was an "if it's not one thing it's something else" type of ultrasound.

Actually, they've all been a little like that lately...


First, we saw the cardiologist who informed us that there was a small hole connecting two ventricles, but that it should close on its own either before or shortly after birth.

That was great news!

Then we continued with the measuring of the babies to check for twin to twin transfusion and whatever else that is pretty typical.

I noticed something floppy on the screen and asked the technician about it.

She gave me a few possibilities as to what it could be.

Turns out, it appears to be the membrane that separates the babies.

So, now instead of being mono-di twins (or twins that share a placenta but have separate personal sacs) they could be mono-mono twins (or twins that share...everything).

This could be good or it could be bad.

Mono-mono twins are scary things when they're tiny.

The chance of survival is nearly zero.

What happens with that situation is, the babies end up killing eachother since their umbilical chords get all tangled and twisted together.

Being that this is a spontaneous rupture of the membrane (almost unheard of, apparently) the babies are bigger, and they're not as concerned of them swimming around eachother enough for that to happen.

Plus their chords are stronger now that they're bigger as well.

Also, twin to twin transfusion, if it was or would happen, isn't as big of a concern with them sharing everything.

So...basically next ultrasound, they are going to try to see for sure if that membrane is in fact ruptured.

With this situation, if it is the case, they may take the babies at 34 weeks.

This means, we may have our girls here in 8 weeks...

...not totally ready for that yet.

I must grow very strong babies...

...that want to be together.

Baby A did not cooperate this week, and we didn't get any pictures of her.

This makes me sad.

But, we DID get a 3D image of baby B...

...and they ARE going to look alike :).

Remind you of anyone?

After the ultrasound, at about 4 that same day, I started getting really bad lower abdominal pain.

It got worse as the day progressed.

So, at midnight, we took a trip to the local ER.

Who sent us back to Legacy so we could be taken care of by "my" labor and delivery people there.

We got there at about 3 AM, and they started an IV...

...after poking me three times.

I wasn't too fond of that.

The diagnosis after a bunch of tests was ligament pain.

But, what I thought interesting was that the pain was coming from exactly where my placenta is.

I had pain where my placenta was with Porter, too, but not as bad as this.

My diagnosis?

The babies are pulling on their chords...and after a long day of that, it hurts.

So, Tylenol is my friend.

As is my bed.

I'm glad that it wasn't anything to worry about, but it was certainly not a fun experience.

And it made for a very long day.


Jen said...

wow, these little girlies are sure putting you through quite the exciting pregnancy. Hang in there! And if you're not already on bedrest, put yourself on it! :) Good luck!

Kristina said...

What an ordeal. I'm sorry you're having these scares. I hope your little girls continue to grow strong as well. Take it easy...

Kristina said...

Oh Sierra, what a scare. I hope that your girls continue to grow healthy and that there are no complications. You are in great shape and look wonderful! Take good care of yourself.