Wednesday, May 18, 2011

After Almost 5.5 Years...

Seth and I got to have a second piece of our wedding cake!!

The story:

Seth and I were sick with colds for our reception in Twin Falls, so we weren't really all that hungry.

We figured we'd have leftovers and get to eat more of our wedding cake later when the reception was over until...

...we saw Mom's bishop taking the rest of the wedding cake away with him to HIS car!

I turned to my mom and said, Is that all that's left of the wedding cake?

When she said yes, I informed her that the only piece Seth and I even got to have of it was the piece we shared/smashed in eachother's faces.

She told me she's felt guilty ever since.

SO, while we were there, she surprised us and came upstairs with this:

And we made sure to make it a photo op!

Porter was especially excited to get a slice.

And we were much nicer with our sharing.

Here's what Porter thought about the cake...

I think we need to go to more weddings so he will understand what a wife is.


Thanks Mom!

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Savvy said...

That's SOOO cute <3 Yay!