Sunday, May 19, 2013

Li'l Update

"Mama" gave Lilia a pair of adorable socks that she embellished that Lilia now fits into...
She loves them because they make noise!
And, she trys to pull the beads off.

Lilia is becomming more accustomed to Daddy.
I love that she is.
This guy...

 ...has to be the world's best big brother.

I may be slightly predjudice.

But, the other day, Porter sang Lilia to sleep at least 10 times.

Why so many times?
Because she would giggle with joy every time he sang, making it difficult to sleep.
When she would cry about him laying down to go to bed himself, he would pop back up and start singing again.
Until she actually did successfully fall asleep.
I love that he cares so much for his baby sister.

Life is so good.

Speed Bowling

My roommate in college, Suzanne, lives near me here in Utah!
She and I got our families together for some "speed bowling".
Don't know what that is?
Well, it's when you rent a bowling lane for a certain amount of time and try to get two full games played in that allotted time.
We were almost successful.
 It was way fun to hang out, and we can't wait to do it again!

Salt Lake Valley & Family Get-Together

I love where we live...

Utah is so pretty.
We went to Wheeler Farms to meet up with family that came from Boise to celebrate Seth's cousin's birthday!

This cousin just turned two.
Side note: I still find it interesting sometimes that Seth and I have children that are about the same age and older than his cousins.
It was really great to see family!!!
On the way home from the farm, Porter was making me giggle...

Who needs a dog?
It will be hard to move away from the beauty of this area.
It's a great central location where a lot of family passes through, and that has been nice, also.
I know that good things await us in Wyoming, though, and that is exciting.

Mother's Day

 Every day should be Mother's Day.
I got pancakes from Porter (Seth made them, but it was Porter's idea), got to take a nap (that made me late for church), and got to go to church for some more gifts from my boy:
Which, quickly got ruined by baby girl... 

Picked off the one and only bloomed and healthy flower.
Then, at home, Seth made dinner...
Best husband ever
...grilled without green food, of course, but delicious!
And, the best part of my day?
Getting to enjoy being with my little ones...

Motherhood is seriously the best thing ever.


 We have been dealing with soaked burp rags, bibs, clothes, and basically everything else for about two months now.
Just waiting for one of those little white teeth to pop out so we can stop the drools.

 And enjoying the toothless cuteness until then.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Self Admirer

Someone likes what she sees...

...when she sees herself!

Sweet Boy

I'm so blessed to have such a sweet boy.
My cousin, Emily, came to town, and she and I got to hang out for a bit while Seth watched the kiddos.
Porter was so great with AJ.
He would have him follow him, play with him, and even help him put on his shoes...
It was so great to get to hang out with Emily that day!
I'm so glad she came and so glad that Porter is such a natural big brother.
In church last week, Porter wasn't willing to sit next to me, but he decided it was okay to hold my hand.

I love my sweet growing boy.

That's Right!

"My Daddy's biceps are bitter than your daddy's biceps"

Love that smile

7 Months

And, she's a sitter!

Shepherd Stone

Seth's sister had her baby, and it's a boy!

Porter's so good with babies.
We got to see LaRene during our visit, as well as meet this handsome little one!

He and Lilia seem to be exchanging a look there...
Welcome to the world, Shepherd!

Robbie Turns Six

Robbie, my nephew, celebrated his sixth birthday with a Ninjago party!
Says: Spinjitzu Go...Ninjago
All the kids got ninja headbands to wear...
...then wrapped each other up like a ninja...

...before doing an impressive obstacle course only ninjas can complete... order to get..

...their golden swords!

Then it was time for cake and presents!

 Where Robbie received four of these:


 At the end of the party, the kids all got a chance to hit a pinata.
It was a great party, and was so fun!!
Porter talked about it for days.
Happy birthday, Robbie!

If Only The Alphabet Had Two "R"s

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

My cousin, Des, and I went to Thanksgiving point to enjoy the annual tulip festival since neither of us have been.
**Warning, be prepared for lots of pictures.
At least you are warned.
Although, you are probably used to posts with lots of pictures when you visit this blog...
...moving on...

We wanted to document us being there, so we took portraits of each other...
 Have to have proof!
Lilia had to make sure I was still around at first...
That doesn't look comfortable.
But, realized that I wasn't going anywhere and soon stopped looking back.
The tulips were gorgeous!

We especially enjoyed the random non-planned colored ones in the patches of flowers.
And, the beautiful trees...

But, most of all, we enjoyed being out with our kids.
Ethan taking a break
Had the hardest time getting all three in one picture!
 We got to the area where the roses would soon be growing, and Porter and Evylee couldn't help themselves...

They had to RUN!

Well, that is until Evylee fell.
Poor girl.
That one was fall number two of the day for her, too.
We enjoyed their cheesiness,

...their water-excitement...
What Ethan did when I said to say "cheese" ha!

And, their wonder.

My personal favorite part of the garden...

Statues of Christ's life in amazing detail.
 At the end of the garden was a beautiful waterfall area.

The kids were mostly interested in the large grass area and hill near it...
Ethan is the only one not running down! He's so cute.
 And, what did the babes do during all this fun?


Tulip kiddos
 Before heading home, we let the kids play in the discovery area of the garden.
Porter and Ethan called this a spider web...yick.
We had a great time!!