Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

My cousin, Des, and I went to Thanksgiving point to enjoy the annual tulip festival since neither of us have been.
**Warning, be prepared for lots of pictures.
At least you are warned.
Although, you are probably used to posts with lots of pictures when you visit this blog...
...moving on...

We wanted to document us being there, so we took portraits of each other...
 Have to have proof!
Lilia had to make sure I was still around at first...
That doesn't look comfortable.
But, realized that I wasn't going anywhere and soon stopped looking back.
The tulips were gorgeous!

We especially enjoyed the random non-planned colored ones in the patches of flowers.
And, the beautiful trees...

But, most of all, we enjoyed being out with our kids.
Ethan taking a break
Had the hardest time getting all three in one picture!
 We got to the area where the roses would soon be growing, and Porter and Evylee couldn't help themselves...

They had to RUN!

Well, that is until Evylee fell.
Poor girl.
That one was fall number two of the day for her, too.
We enjoyed their cheesiness,

...their water-excitement...
What Ethan did when I said to say "cheese" ha!

And, their wonder.

My personal favorite part of the garden...

Statues of Christ's life in amazing detail.
 At the end of the garden was a beautiful waterfall area.

The kids were mostly interested in the large grass area and hill near it...
Ethan is the only one not running down! He's so cute.
 And, what did the babes do during all this fun?


Tulip kiddos
 Before heading home, we let the kids play in the discovery area of the garden.
Porter and Ethan called this a spider web...yick.
We had a great time!!

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Desiree Collier said...

Love the pics! So glad we were able to go together :)