Sunday, May 19, 2013

Li'l Update

"Mama" gave Lilia a pair of adorable socks that she embellished that Lilia now fits into...
She loves them because they make noise!
And, she trys to pull the beads off.

Lilia is becomming more accustomed to Daddy.
I love that she is.
This guy...

 ...has to be the world's best big brother.

I may be slightly predjudice.

But, the other day, Porter sang Lilia to sleep at least 10 times.

Why so many times?
Because she would giggle with joy every time he sang, making it difficult to sleep.
When she would cry about him laying down to go to bed himself, he would pop back up and start singing again.
Until she actually did successfully fall asleep.
I love that he cares so much for his baby sister.

Life is so good.

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Melissa said...

Aw, Sierra that is sooooo sweet it makes me cry! :) What cuties you have! :D