Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

Seth and I travelled to Seattle for Thanksgiving break. My cousin Jenni lives there with her cute little family, and neither of our families were travelling home this Thanksgiving, so we decided to spend it together! I'm so glad we got to go visit the Warners because it had been such a long time since we'd seen them!
We took the drive to Seattle on Tuesday evening when Seth got out of class. We got stuck in Portland traffic for a while, so we arrived at the Warners a little later than we'd planned. It wasn't too bad, though. 3.5 hours with Porter screaming most of the time felt a bit longer, though. We were definitely happy to arrive.
So was Porter :)

Payton and Porter had a lot of fun playing together, and they were so cute to watch.

We got to meet cute little Sadie! She's only 5 months younger than Porter. Isn't she adorable!?

Seth had fun playing with the boys while Mark was away in St. Louis the first day we were there.

Before Jenni went to pick up Mark, we had luch at A&W. Seth was so excited that there was one close to the Warners house. There isn't one closer than an hour or more away from where we live.

I'm not sure Payton wanted a picture...but Jenni looks so cute, as always :)

Porter tried his first Teddy Graham, and he wasn't so sure about it at first.

Jenni helped him learn how to put it to his mouth. :)

Payton is so stinkin' cute with Sadie and Sadie is just so stinkin' cute!!

While Jenni and the babes went to pick up Mark from the Airport, Seth, Porter, and I went to visit the Museum of Flight!

Seth was really excited.

Porter and me in front of Air Force One

Hello, Mr. President

There were a lot of really neat planes there. Seth knew pretty much all of their names while I was more interested in the artwork on the sides.

This is how Porter was for most of the time spent in the museum.

So, Seth and I played around a bit.

This is a flight simulator...thing...kinda like a video game. It's harder than it looks!

Seth in the cockpit of his favorite aircraft, the SR71 Blackbird (and yes, I had to ask him the names)

Me in the F18 cockpit.
They didn't just have planes, they also had some space stuff, so I was excited about that. I love Astronomy and space things :)

Seth looking through binoculars in the Tower...Flight tower, I think it's called.

It had a great view of Mount Ranier.

We had a great time!

Porter decided to wake up on the way back to the Warner's.
I think he had more fun at their house.

On Thanksgiving day, before almost getting a turkey coma from Jenni's amazing cooking skills, we got a few shots of Porter and Sadie playing. They were so cute together!

I think Porter was more interested in the camera, though.

While Jenni spent some extra time in the kitchen making that amazing meal, the rest of us went to a gorgeous park to play. I know the lake is Lake Washington, so I'm just going to call the park Lake Washington Park...simple enough :)


Payton loves to say cheese to the camera. :)

Mark led us down a walkway to a place where they were making more planes, and Payton was really excited when we were heading back so he could play on the toys.

But, knowing most three-year-olds are like this, he needed to go potty shortly after starting to play, so he and Mark raced to it. Cute.

Seth and Porter had fun playing on the toys, too!

This was Porter's first time in a swing. He didn't like it very much.
We had a lot of fun in the park!
Once we got back, we all settled down and ate a delicious Thanksgiving dinner! Jenni is one of the best cooks and hosts that I know. I'm so glad she shared the day with us!
After enjoying a relaxing night with very full bellies, on Friday we went over to Pikes Place Market. They have a weird store there on a pier that's like Ripley's believe it or not. I can't remember the name at the moment, but they had dead people in glass and shrunken was pretty creepy, but very interesting!
We had planned on seeing Santa there, but he was late and we needed to get back to the apartment to prepare for a fondue party! By the way, the thumbs up is to show how good the food (samples) are there!
On the way back, we stopped to meet this very
This is the Fremont Bridge Troll. If you look close, you can see him holding an actual, very dirty VW bug! There's not much you can do on him, but we had fun taking some pictures!
Jenni was busy with Sadie. Otherwise we would have had a picture of her too :)
We put Porter and Payton in between the troll's fingers, and Payton was pretty scared of the troll, so this was an accomplishment :)
That night, a few of the Warner's friends came over for a fondue party! Again, Jenni is one of the best cooks/hosts I know :). We had meat and cheese fondue before bundleing up and leaving to the Botanical gardes to go see some lights!
Seth stayed home with Porter instead of going to the lights because Porter wasn't feeling well.
They had a lot of interesting lights! A lot of animals and designs, but I only posted my favorite ones so you're not looking at a bunch of lights.
We had a group picture under here, but I don't have it yet.
Jenni wanted a picture of her in the air, but my camera is too slow if it's dark outside, so here's what we got...
Picture something in the middle :)
I had a lot of fun there!
Porter had a temperature that night of 103, so we went to the ER. He has an ear infection, and he's doing better now, but it was pretty scary. I started feeling sick that night, as well...and Seth isn't feeling too good today. Why is it we get sick when we go on vacation!?
Anyway, I think my favorite part of visiting the Warners, besides getting to see them, was watching Porter play with it second cousins?? Well, whatever the relationship is, it was sooo cute to watch the interaction.
I hope all of you had a happy Thanksgiving!