Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hill AFB Air Show + Ordeal

**This is a longer post, but trust me, you're gonna want to read the whole thing.**

The day started out great!

It looked gorgeous, it was warm, and there were just a few clouds in the sky.

We woke up early to catch the train from Midvale station where we met up with family.

Porter loved the train and would give a play-by-play of what he saw out the window.

Wendy, Logan, Robbie, Donnie, Zoe, Seth, Mason

Brinda & Shad on the right
 Then we caught the new Frontrunner at SL Central...

This one was an 80 mph ride, and didn't feel like it at all!

Then we took a shuttle from the Frontrunner to Hill Air Force Base to see the air show!

This was the entrance...

Pretty awesome.

Porter was scared to go in, though, so Seth carried him through.

After finding a place to sit, we went umbrella shopping since we didn't come prepared for rain and it was sprinkling a bit.

Then the show started.

 The boys loved it!

Porter would get very excited about each plane!

All of the air-o-batics (I think they called it that) were amazing!

Then, it started getting colder.

I saw my breath, and began regretting wearing flip flops and capris, but was glad I brought a sweater.

We heard from the announcer, "the air show will be put on hold due to the weather...we would like you to stay...there will be two hangers open for you to stay dry, or you can go under the wings of some of the aircraft"

Then, almost right after he said that, the torrential rain and wind started.

Tents even started to come apart and blow away a bit.

It was sheer panic from the crowd...and from Porter.

Seth, Porter, Donnie, and I went to go find Wendy and Robbie as they were out getting lunch at one of the vendors.

I was very happy I bought that umbrella at this time, but it wasn't enough to keep the wind and rain out, and it wasn't big enough for all three of us.

Shad, Brinda, and their family left with friends to the parking lot as we decided to go into the medical tent to thaw and get a better view since we were blinded out there.

We were informed we couldn't stay there because it was for people who were sick...not cold.

We had lost Donnie in the commotion, but as I was calling Wendy to see where she was, I happened to spot her, Donnie and Robbie under their large umbrella!

We then made a run for it to catch them.

Porter crying in tow.

When we did catch them, we were all relieved to have found each other again as we started to head for the hangers.

Wendy donated her umbrella she bought with me to Seth and Porter, but it started breaking and wasn't much shelter.

Seth was happy to have it.

We made it to the hangers, but they were completely packed.

So, we kept walking in the freezing rain and wind to get back to the shuttle.

When we saw the line to the shuttle, I think my heart skipped a beat.

It was a least a quarter of a mile long.

Or, it felt like it was that long, anyway.

We thought taking the trax and the shuttle was a smart choice the night before and that morning, but not so much at that moment.

We stood in line for about an hour before getting on the shuttle.

Soaked through, shivering and numb, we found seats.

There was so much traffic on the way out of the base that it took about an hour to get to the Frontrunner station.

This was okay with me because it gave me a chance to thaw out and a chance for Porter to calm down.

Robbie and Donnie fell asleep basically standing up on the bus, and Wendy and I commented on how glad we were that baby Jordanne and little Kaysha weren't there to experience this.

Once at the station, the rain had stopped, but the wind was still blowing.

I felt like it was almost rude to get out of the warm bus and wait in the cold again while we were still soaking wet.

Twenty minutes later, the train came, and we started our journey back.

Out the window, we saw one of the Thunderbirds fly by.

They started the show again.

We didn't care.

When we switched trains at Central again, I was limping.

I had blisters from my wet flip flops that I couldn't feel while numb.

We joined happy, dry, unaware people on that train back home, and got some interesting looks.

"You can check off 'miserable experience in Salt Lake', now," Wendy stated while smiling.

Well, it started out fun, I said, laughing.

We left them to continue to their stop, and were very happy to see our Subaru.

Once in the car, Seth blasted the heater.

I didn't want to get out because the heat felt so great, but was glad when we got back home.

And even more glad that I have a washer and a dryer instead of a community one like I've had for the past four years.

Seth and Porter enjoyed the hot tub while I changed into warm clothes.

I would've hopped in that hot tub with them, but knew it wouldn't be a good thing to do while pregnant.

I don't think I completely thawed out until the next day.

So, lesson learned: even if it looks like it will be a nice day, it's always a good idea to come prepared for any sort of weather if you're going to be outside on a Spring day in northern Utah.

Found A Place

Seth and I started our journey in Utah by living with my brother and his wife while we found a place for ourselves.

I'm so very grateful to them for letting us come crash with them in their already full house.

We had such a great time getting to hang out every day!

Porter especially loved getting to play outside whenever he wanted!

Before we left for graduation, we looked at about 20 places and had a place picked out.

We had given our deposit, but hadn't signed the contract yet.

Seth flew to Oregon while I drove from Salt Lake so I could stop as many times as I want.

While I was in Boise visiting and staying with my sister and her hubby, I got a text from our would-have-been future landlord saying there was a family emergency and they wouldn't be able to rent out the place.

It was kinda a bummer because we loved the location and the fact it was a 1400 sq. ft. basement apartment with a kitchen to die for, but we understand family emergencies.

So, after driving back from graduation quickly instead of visiting with my parents for a week, we looked at 21 more places and got another by the following Wednesday!

We moved in the next day.

It's not organized yet, but we really like it so far.

It's a condo, and it's in a complex with a gorgeous landscape, two pools, a tennis court, and a clubhouse with a sauna, hot tub, and gym (that we happen to live right next to).

When the baby is born, you will find me at the clubhouse...a lot.

Until then, I'll be in the pool.

The only down side is the duck and geese poop you have to avoid while walking to your cars...and there's a lot of it.

Happy to have a place!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


After 8 years of schooling, during four of which Seth:

"Sat through 1,710 hours of lecture

Participated in 690 hours of lab exercises

Took 72 midterms

35 written final exams
5 lab finals

Passed at least 35 mini proficiencies

Passed 1 big proficiency at the end of the second year

Spent 1,960 hours in clinic

and for the privilege, paid $42 per hour"
--Dean of Optometry

(And, that doesn't even include studying for and passing 3 major boards exams in order to be certified)

He is finally DONE!

May 19th was glorious.

It began with a "hooding ceremony" where the graduates were formally given their graduation hoods.

I enjoyed the ceremony, but most of all I enjoyed our friend, the class valedictorian David Glabe's, speech.

The fact that he mentioned Seth bringing caffeine to study groups to try to keep everyone awake was an interesting bonus.

After Dave, the keynote speaker spoke of the importance of putting family first.

I ended up wishing I had brought tissues.

Porter was very enthusiastic as the hoods were handed out.

Seth after getting his hood...pretty much how we saw him during the whole thing.

And then it was time to give the hood back and move on to graduation.

(Yah, I know, I didn't really get it either)

Pops joined us for the main event!

Which was great!!

We also got to sit by our favorite family...

We didn't pick the best seat, so this was our view of Seth...'re welcome for the arrows.

I filled with pride as Seth's name was called.

My man graduated with DISTINCTION!!!

...which means he had a stinkin' high GPA!

Without further ado, let me introduce...


(After getting used to living a life basically without my husband, I'm really excited about this.)

Then, it was over and time for pictures.

Porter loves helping. Especially when helping involves moving something with wheels.
Congrats, all you DOCTORS!

Devin Farr, Eric Johansen, Colton Crowther, Aaron Cole, Shawn Skinner, Brandon Reed, Dave Parkinson, Dave Glabe, Seth, Scott Pitts
 And, all us WIVES!!

Tana, Jen, Jenny, Claudia, Kristina, Jen, Tara, Brianne, Me, and Erin
 Let me tell you, I would have never survived this whole thing without these girls!

I love every one of them and hope this isn't goodbye forever.

But most especially, I wouldn't have survived without this one.

Love you lots, Brianne!
We all endured so much together.

Not just Optometry stuff, either.

Not to mention, someone Seth was sure happy to have around...

...there's no way he would've survived without Scott.

We sure are going to miss all of you!

And, this cute dynamic.

You would've thought they never were apart.

Thanks, Clark, for coming!!

Dr. Seth Jensen O.D.

I love my Optometrist.

Mother's Day

The Friday and Saturday before Mother's Day was spent packing up and driving 7 hours from Cheyenne to Salt Lake!

Mother's Day church was spent in my brother's, aunt & uncle's, Papa's, and cousin's ward.

They all live right next door to each other in a circle, and I think it's awesome.

So, my Mother's Day gift was moving to Utah!

And, I think it's absolutely perfect since I've always wanted to live here.

Porter stood there, mouth closed looking out all confused sang in church during Sacrament for me for the first time, and I was so proud of him!

He also came home with a pretty card for me that he helped color.

Later that day, we went over to my Uncle David & Aunt Connie's for a Mother's Day barbecue, and enjoyed the company of family.

It was a great day!

So great, I didn't bother taking pictures...oops.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers and mothers-to-be!!

Especially happy Mother's Day to my Moms!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Addition

What you were waiting for last week (if you're not on Facebook and didn't scroll down).

We're pregnant!!!

I'm not gonna lie...

11 weeks

11 weeks 3D

...I'm so excited!!

12 weeks

Excited, extremely grateful, and sometimes even a tiny bit scared.

But, I'm living on faith here. :)

16 weeks

And, let's face it, there's really nothing else I can do as it has occurred to me multiple times that none of this is in my hands.

But, I know this time things will be different!

I just know it.

It already has been!

This baby wasn't really a surprise, but kinda a "well alright then"!!

I was told by the doctor to wait before getting pregnant again after my miscarriage since they were worried about possible infection, but...apparently...I didn't wait.

It helped I saw and was told that nothing was left behind there from the miscarriage to "infect".

When my period didn't start for quite a few weeks, I didn't even want to take a test because, frankly, I just didn't want to know.

I finally gave in after stewing over it a while drove me crazy.

Because of my history, after I got the positive, I got a doctor's appointment right away.

 I hadn't had a period and just a miscarriage, so when I went in, I got an ultrasound (no pix, though, dang it) to see how far I was.

They measured me at 7 weeks and gave me a due date of...


I have to admit I was, and still am, very much relieved when at 7 weeks I saw just one little "gummy bear" because my twin pregnancy was really hard work.

I can tell I've been used to twins inside, though, because when I started feeling the baby move I kept thinking it wasn't moving enough.

It's moving plenty...just actually has room with no one else there to make it a crowd.

And, yes, my tummy poked out right weeks right away I looked like I did in the above picture at 12 weeks.

I guess it's true what they say about how with every pregnancy your tummy "gets bigger faster".

I'm sure it doesn't help that I literally just did this.

Happy to announce BABY #4!!!!!

PS: In three weeks, we'll find out the gender, and with the move and such I don't know how great I will be at updating after graduation, so...take a guess on our poll! :)