Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just Because

Seth and Porter came in the door a couple days ago with a gift for me!

Seth said that it was just time!

What a great way to tell me:


What happens when you have a husband with a PlayStation...

You get games all day long!

Even some deaths.

*disclaimer for my mom: she really doesn't have a ton of time. That's just the first part of the sentence.
My little boy definitely pays attention!

Still Crashes

I love where he falls asleep!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Portland Mormon Choir

Those who know me best know that the dream choir I would love to be a member of is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

My whole lfe I have wanted SO bad to be a member.

My desire became even greater when they added the Orchestra at Temple Square.

(Which my Aunt, cousin, and high school friend are all a part of)

Maybe that's the violinist in me.

Every time I listen to their music, I cry.

Not only because of the Spirit I feel in their inspired hymn arrangements, but because of my overwhelming desire to sing with them.

Being that Seth and I will be residents in Wyoming when all of this schooling is over, that dream has been put on hold.

Who knows if it will ever happen.

At BYU-Idaho, I was a member of Collegiate Singers.

We sang with the BYU-I Symphony Orchestra for an oratorio.

And, I would have to say that is my favorite memory of that choir.

(My sister was in the orchestra...made it better.)

Now that I've grown past that part of my life, I believe the closest I will get to grabbing hold of my dream is being a member of the Portland Mormon Choir and Orchestra.

I tried out for it this week.

And, I found out this morning that I made it!

I can't tell you how grateful and excited I am to be a member.

Now, I just need to convince Seth that Utah is a nice place to have a practice. *wink

5K Run/Walk for Sight

I ran my first race.
Ran the whole way pushing Porter in his jogging stroller.

*Laura, Lisa, and I ran*

And, I did it in 32.4!

It was awesome.

Here's all the PAVA girls who participated:

*Laura, Debbie, ?(help!), Lisa, and me*

We loved it!

There was a raffle at the end of the race, and for the first time, I actually won something!

Ray-Ban Aviators!



Can't make everything work out right.
Especially when something labled "fabric spray paint" should have been labled "fabric spray {dye}"

More details on my creations blog...later.

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's About Time

Remember this car?

He finally was brave enough to give it a try!!


Porter loves to go "flying" around the apartment.

Sometimes, he crashes...

...but he gets fixed up fast...

He's so much fun to watch!

New Shoes

Sadly...and happily...my little one is growing up and out of his shoes.

Among other things.
So, we got him some new shoes!!
Not just any new shoes, though...

"Lightning McQueen shoes!!!"

Porter loves them!!
He doesn't own any Lightning McQueen toy cars, so he will use his shoes as toys when he's not wearing them.
Sometimes he puts one in front of the other and calls it Mater.
I think I know what we'll get him for Christmas this year.


I finally got the shelves I've been waiting all summer to get from IKEA!!!

So, because I got them, I got to finish my decor that's been waiting for them!

Matchy-matchy and so much brighter!
If you've read my creations blog, you'll know the pillows are made with placemats!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

My friend, Kristina, did an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING job!!!!

I LOVE all the pictures!!

It was hard to choose which ones I liked the most!

Thanks so much, Kristina!!
You're the best!


I'm babysitting ;)

The End of Summer

It was a sad day for Seth.
Not only because he would have to start school soon, but because...

...I made the most perfect cookies I've made here!!
I practically made him have one.
It was perfect!
Not only was it a perfect batch, but it was a huge hit at the end off summer get together we went to!

We didn't take any home with us!

After our little campout-ish party, Scott and Seth took Brianne and me shooting!
Brianne was very good at the handgun!
It hurt me.
I shot 6 clay pigeons with the shotgun, though!!
Goodbye Summer that was way too short...
...but hellloooooo schedule!!

The Oregon International Airshow

Seth and I decided to splurge a little.

Seeing the Air Show from far away wasn't good enough.

We'll be leaving Oregon in a year, anyway.

We decided to purchase tickets and go inside!!

We were very excited!!

We showed up an hour before the event started to get a great spot.


...we DID!

Let me just say, watching the air show inside the airport is SO much better than watching it from far away.

After the Lucas Oil guy flew a welcome flight, we had the Star-Spangled Banner sung to us by the "flying tenor."

I was impressed he could sing while doing flying!

Not only flying, but doing stunts, too!

Seth won a little item...

...he spun a wheel and got it.

Porter was thrilled!

In fact, I think he was more interested in that little toy plane than the actual planes!

The F-15 almost stopped your heart...

We saw and felt the afterburner.

And, Porter...

We saw some amazing stunts...

And, Porter...

We even saw a helicopter go upside down!!!


And, Porter...

There were RC airplanes...

...and descendants of famous pilots...

And, Porter...

A pilot made a smoke ring and flew through it!


Even a bomber flew directly overhead!

And, Porter...

My favorite was the fighter pilot...

And the jet car, airplane race...

I enjoyed the whole show!

Even, and especially, the part by my little pilot.