Sunday, September 12, 2010

Aza and Airplanes

Seth and I weren't finished doing things when the family left.

The day after they left, we went out to:

...a restaurant on the way to Tillamook.

We had...

...the BBQ Buffalo Pizza.

And, yes, those are green apples on top.
Oh my goodness, it was D-LISH!

The restaurant was very small, and a little hard to see from the highway.
But, it's totally worth the drive.

Who knew apples and bleu cheese would be SO good on a pizza!?

Well, besides the chef at Out Aza Blue.
We will definitely go back.
After eating quite possibly the most amazing pizza ever, we decided to go to see the...

...air show!!

We went to the same spot we did last year.

Some planes were loud.

Some were colorful.

And some were very fast!

We loved it!

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