Sunday, September 5, 2010

Going Home

Mom, Dad, Mikayla, and her friend Emma took Porter and me home.

They came to stay for a little while, too!

On the way, Porter got to watch his favorite show...

...with his brand new earphones from Grumpa!

He didn't like them much, but it kept the rest of us from hearing the movie.

Day one, we stopped in Pendleton.

There was an outdoor swimming pool there, and Porter and I went for a cold swim before bed.

No pictures...amazingly.

Day two, we stopped in The Dalles to eat at:

This place is so cute!

The food's pretty good, too!

Before leaving, we took a couple pictures...

Porter wasn't interested.

Seth was at clinic that day, so we stalled a little longer and went to:

Emma and Mikki went up before the rest of us.


...Porter "sell down" on our way.

I now know I should pack a couple bandaids everywhere I go.

We enjoyed visiting the falls again.

We even discovered something about the bridge!

The man who erected it has the same last name as Emma!

Pretty neat.

Wonder if there's a relation!

We made it home a little before Seth.

That was fine.

The family got to unload at the hotel and drop me off, and I got to unpack and settle in before he came through the door.

We were SO happy to be home with him again!

Before bed that day, we went over to the hotel.

Gotta take advantage of a pool when you have one!

And, a hot tub.

It's good to be home!!!

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