Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Tribute to Fall

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had visitors for Thanksgiving break this year!

Gammie, Grumpa, and Mikki came!

Or, in Porterese: Mammie, Papa, and Minnie

Porter had so much attention, he didn't mind showing off!

Now, originally for Thanksgiving, we'd plannned on just going out so we wouldn't have to spend all day cooking...

Well...we changed our minds :)

But, instead of cooking turkey and ham for hours and hours, we just bought pre-cooked and pre-sliced turkey from FM Deli!...then we grabbed supplies I didn't have, including gravy, and called it good.
We cooked everything else.

Took about 2 hours!

I don't know about you, but I think I might do that every year!

The food was delish, the company was great, and we all were very thankful and gluttonous.

...and when the turkey settled in our stomachs...


Friday, to keep up with the idea of food...

...we enjoyed a fun trip to the Tillamook Cheese Factory!

I tried the sticky bun ice cream this time...and I think I'll lay off sugar for the rest of the year...super yummy, though! Just gotta get past the sugar rush.

We all had fun during our tour.

Porter especially

He was more entertaining than the tour.

There was a gorgeous Christmas tree in the entryway. So gorgeous, in fact, we couldn't pass up the photo-op

After our tour, we wanted to take everyone to the beach, but on our way, we saw a sign with a lighthouse on it...

...then changed our course.
We've never seen a lighthouse before.

When I say "we've" I really mean everyone!

After a short drive, we arrived here:

We got on the path and immediately saw this...

...and this... get the point...



I have to admit...

I wasn't expecting it to be short. It was on the cliffs, though, so that makes sense.

Cute little lighthouse.

We did make it to the beach, but didn't stay long. Just long enough so Mom and Mikki could touch the ocean.

They had gone to North Carolina recently and saw the Atlantic.

I'm slightly jealous.

I've never been past Texas.

But I think it's awesome they got to go "from sea to shining sea" within two years!

Funny thing is, I had to go to another country in order to touch the ocean for the first time...that was 2.5 years ago.

Before the family left us to stay in the Dalles, we made some final trips.

Of course we visited Multnomah!

It was very chilly, but totally worth it.

We brought Ty along, and he and Seth made the trip up to the very top of the falls.

We'd planned on meeting back down on the bridge, but it was too cold, so we met at the bottom again.

At the bridge:

My mom and baby are so cute.
Porter on the way down:

At the bottom while waiting for the boys to join us, we got some hot chocolate and cider.

Porter and I warmed our hands for a while waiting for the drink to cool.

He wasn't very happy with me when I took it away so we could do this:

We weren't done hanging out yet!

We dropped off my parents at The Dalles, and ate here...'s been six years since we've eaten here, and it's still as cute as ever!
They call you cousin, and have a bunch of farm related decor including a train that goes through part of the building. Super clever, and just as I remembered it!
What a fun weekend! We're sad to see it end.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Some random Porter videos:

Porter will say who is in pictures now, but hasn't quite caught on the concept of "you" and "me" when looking at a picture of himself...

...trying to teach him to put on his clothes himself...

...sorry they're so dark. It's always dark here now!


Water Boy

Porter loves bath time. He's so funny while he's in there.
But, of course, when I take the camera out, I get a bunch of 'cheese' faces...

I think he might have inherited my slight OCD...

...and Seth's love of Chemistry...

He never want's out of the tub.

In fact, he'll shut me out!

Once the water's freezing, and his lips are blue, I force him to come out...


Spoon Master


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two Hats

...for two sleepy boys

Like son.


Our family got to visit OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry)

I'd heard a lot about it and how much fun kids have while they're there, and have been wanting to go. Gladly, the Coles invited us this break and we had the opportunity!
I don't think Porter knew what to think at first...

...he tried to figure things out...

...was glad when he did...

...thought about how things work...

...and was amazed...

...especially by this...

He stayed here for at least 10 minutes pushing that button.

Caroline had a favorite, too!

The little kids weren't the only ones who got to play...

...big kids got to, too!

Seth's very proud of his paper airplane. Perfect aerodynamics=smooth sailing!

There were "brain-teasers" all over the place that the adults would try to figure out. Mr. Seth Smarty-pants figured out most, if not all but a few (of the which I figured out those...except one neither of us could)

He's gonna be such a good doctor.

They also had a Science of Fear exhibit open. It was a perfect day to go to it, considering it was Friday the 13th.

I wouldn't go near this...

...but Seth was brave enough to cheat death.

Hey, I have nightmares about those things...

Anyway, we had a great time.

Porter, especially.

Thanks again, Coles!