Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Favorite Photographer

Uncle Randy, my (Sierra's) uncle, is seriously the best.

I wish I had a better way to describe how absolutely amazingly awesome (triple A!) he is.

He's been my favorite photographer forever, and has taken mine and my family's graduation photos, wedding photos, family photos, soon to be more family photos (I'm sure), and even took an afternoon to take quick head shots for me.

I needed one for my application to tryout for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (so excited just for the opportunity!!).

So, naturally, he gave me two to choose from.

**Scanned, so nowhere near as great as they really look...especially with the dust and stuff that is apparently on my scanner, but I don't have the digital copies.

Not only do I love what he does with portraits, I've told Seth that when we have a house I'm gonna save up my money and buy a bunch of his artistic photos.

Because, like I said, he's the best!

If you want to see how "triple A" he really is, go here and be impressed.

Because, you will be.

I promise.

Not only is he such a great photographer, he also has started giving private and group lessons!!

I may see if I can take a few.

If you're in the Salt Lake area, maybe you would like to as well!

Thanks so much, Uncle Randy!!!!

28 Weeks

Coming right along!

Lilia's kicks are getting stronger, I'm sleeping less (didn't know it was possible), and, yes, I'm trying not to freak out as I near 30 weeks (how far I was when Jilinda & Alayna passed).

This baby girl is in the third trimester!!

Kinda can't believe it.

That is, I can't believe it until I stand up, count how many bathroom runs I've made in the last hour, or try to curb my nesting appetite.

Loving every minute!

Little Artist

Porter's drawings have changed!

He's now making actual human-like shapes!

Here are his latest.

Drawing #1...

Now, when you look at this, you may, like me, think that there's Daddy, Mommy, Porter, and his three sisters, right?

Well, you'd be wrong.

The description...

Straight from Porter's lips.

For drawing #2, I thought for sure I had it right...

Mommy and Daddy in front of the temple (the squiggly stuff).


Well, there are two things we can learn from these drawings.

First, mine and Porter's minds are totally different.

This should had have been obvious to me with how argumentative he's been lately, but I digress.

Second, Porter really misses his buddy Ezra.

Not only has he been drawing him, he's been "playing" with him as if he were his new imaginary friend.

Step aside "Bad Guy."

Yes, this does concern me slightly even though it is really cute.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

In the City

We met up with Milas and Laura on Friday, and toured the new City Creek Mall in downtown.

It was huge!

And, really pretty!

There's a creek that goes through the whole mall.

It even has fish in it!

Our favorite place for everyone there was the fountains.

I didn't let Porter play in them because it was already raining, and I didn't want him to be miserable on another Trax ride.

But, we watched the "show" to music for about an hour.

I didn't take any pictures to avoid water spots.

We decided to get out of the rain when everyone was about half wet.

So, we went to the Visitor's Center on Temple Square.

The kids were so cute by the Christ statue.

Yet, impossible to catch in their cutest moments...

Porter kept telling everyone to "Shhh!"...

Even Track.

That is, when he wasn't goofing off himself.

I love this statue.

On the way back to the Trax, we went around to the front of Temple Square.

To take a picture, of course.

Actually, we wanted to see if the gates were open so Porter could touch the temple, but they weren't.

I love this temple.

Not only because it's where Seth and I got married, but because of the history behind it.

In fact, this was the first time we've been back to this temple since marriage!

Now, to find a sitter so we can go through it again...


I seriously love this place.

Good Morning

I love that morning face

The first time he's actually used the blanket I made for him since his blessing.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


What happens when you ask your cousin to take a picture...

Grandma's 85th

I didn't get to take many pictures during the festivities, but my uncle did, so I'm gonna steal some from him kindly ask him to email them to me.

It was a big event!

We all brought food and it was pleasantly crowded.

I think pretty much the entire family was there for this celebration!

I hope Grandma knows how much we all love her!

I did manage to grab a picture on my camera of everyone who came from our immediate family...

The Seaman Gang

Porter's facial expression in this one makes me laugh every.time.

I love how pretty much no one was cooperating...

Happy birthday Grandma!!

Celebrating Early

Since we were all together, anyway, we decided to celebrate the birthdays of these two sweethearts in Gammie's arms...

Ava and River were born a day apart!
 We started with pinatas.

One for the little kiddos...

Attacking the candy
 Then, one for the big kiddos...

Seth gladly tried to move it out of the way
 The cute little monkey was soon decapitated by Donnie.

Porter with his loot
 Then it was time for presents.

Seth grabbed the baby and sat down...

I think I may have another child that went to a different sibling...

River and Ava loved their presents!

And, their cupcake cakes!

Little warrior

So did the rest of us!

Robbie had me tie all those ribbons from the first pinata onto his hand...he also doesn't seem to mind his butterfly ring.

Happy birthday River and Ava!


Porter is so good with babies.

The Living Planet Aquarium

Look who joined us!

The Martins came with the newest family member, Kade!

(Who happens to also have red hair!)

They joined us in time to tour the Living Planet Aquarium!

Watching the otters

The best fish picture I got...

Grumpa with Kade
 This stingray loved Robbie... kept coming back to say hi.

They also had penguins :)

Who Needs Toys?