Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Favorite Photographer

Uncle Randy, my (Sierra's) uncle, is seriously the best.

I wish I had a better way to describe how absolutely amazingly awesome (triple A!) he is.

He's been my favorite photographer forever, and has taken mine and my family's graduation photos, wedding photos, family photos, soon to be more family photos (I'm sure), and even took an afternoon to take quick head shots for me.

I needed one for my application to tryout for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (so excited just for the opportunity!!).

So, naturally, he gave me two to choose from.

**Scanned, so nowhere near as great as they really look...especially with the dust and stuff that is apparently on my scanner, but I don't have the digital copies.

Not only do I love what he does with portraits, I've told Seth that when we have a house I'm gonna save up my money and buy a bunch of his artistic photos.

Because, like I said, he's the best!

If you want to see how "triple A" he really is, go here and be impressed.

Because, you will be.

I promise.

Not only is he such a great photographer, he also has started giving private and group lessons!!

I may see if I can take a few.

If you're in the Salt Lake area, maybe you would like to as well!

Thanks so much, Uncle Randy!!!!


Kathryn said...

What a beautiful tribute to one of my favorite people. :o) And he's all mine! Isn't that cool!

Kathryn said...

P.S. You are beautiful and obviously very easy to photograph. Best Wishes with your audition. So anxious to have you there with Audrey and Me.

Laura Howe said...

They are AWESOME! You already know I want to take a class. :)

Randy Collier said...

Thanks for your kind words.... however you are such a beautiful young mom... it makes my job soooo easy!

Best of luck on your TAB audition.