Sunday, July 8, 2012

Celebrating Early

Since we were all together, anyway, we decided to celebrate the birthdays of these two sweethearts in Gammie's arms...

Ava and River were born a day apart!
 We started with pinatas.

One for the little kiddos...

Attacking the candy
 Then, one for the big kiddos...

Seth gladly tried to move it out of the way
 The cute little monkey was soon decapitated by Donnie.

Porter with his loot
 Then it was time for presents.

Seth grabbed the baby and sat down...

I think I may have another child that went to a different sibling...

River and Ava loved their presents!

And, their cupcake cakes!

Little warrior

So did the rest of us!

Robbie had me tie all those ribbons from the first pinata onto his hand...he also doesn't seem to mind his butterfly ring.

Happy birthday River and Ava!

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