Sunday, July 8, 2012

Independence Day

The Seaman family came to town for the weekend.

Grandma Seaman has just been diagnosed with lung cancer, and everyone came down to see her and to celebrate her 85th birthday.

We wanted to show her how much she is loved, and this weekend gave us that opportunity.

It also gave us the opportunity to get the whole family together on the Slaughter side as well.

The fun all started on the morning of the Fourth at the Collier's!

Randy is healing from a bad bicycle accident...hope he heals quickly!
We had breakfast then went swimming!

Well, some of us, anyway.

Isaac spent most of his time having fun throwing water on everyone in the pool...

 Gammie had fun playing with and holding her grand kids

Rob...just didn't want to...but he wasn't the only one.

River played in the more shallow area of the water...

Missy and Savanna (who was my photographer while I was too wet to take pictures) didn't know we were going to be swimming, so didn't bring a suit.

But, others who were dry for a while joined the rest of the swimmers later.

Porter giving Lilia a kiss.
 It was the perfect thing to do on such a hot summer day! 

Drying off and warming up...possibly sleeping as well.
  Later, we celebrated more with yummy food and goodies... 

My traditional flag cake
...and fireworks, of course.

And, I'm not just talking about the ones that went on that night.

We also had some pretty interesting smoke views from the many fires in the mountains.

Happy Fourth of July!!

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