Sunday, September 28, 2008

Post #20!

I can't belive I have posted 20 times this month!

Porter is now sleeping in his crib! I got him a crib set on Monday. I was going to make one, but I didn't bring my sewing supplies. They're still in Twin. Plus, I wanted to hurry and have Porter in his crib. He had a hard time sleeping the first couple nights we put him in there, but he's doing great now!
I love using the play pen as an actual play pen! It makes the floor a lot easier to walk on!
This week was pretty busy, actually! I ran errands every day, and had things to do for once!

Tuesday, I went to the Oregon Department of Health Services (DHS) for an interview for food stamps. We qualified, so now we have money for some good food for all of us! This is going to be so much better on our limited budget!

Wednesday, I went over to Cori Lewis' place where she taught me how to embroider by hand. It was easier than I thought it would be and I love what I've made! I think I've found another hobby!
Thursday, the Office started, and we were invited over to Tana and Eric Johanson's to watch it! I'm so glad we're starting to make friends! I can't tell you how excited I am that The Ofice is back!!! There are some couples up here who haven't seen it yet, so I think I'm going to have to convert them like Jenni and Mark did me! :)

Saturday was the General Relief Society broadcast, and I had such a wonderful time listening to what the presidency and President Uchtdorf had to say! I really think President Uchtdorf's talk hit me closest to home. I love that we have the availability to listen to broadcasts like this. It's so nice to get away from worldly cares and listen to what the Lord would have us do. I'm so grateful for this church and for the Relief Society program!
After the broadcast, I picked up a new to us table and chairs!! I'm so excited because now I can invite people over! Not only that, but we have a loveseat waiting for us for when we head over to Garden excited!! Now I'll have projects to do!! I'll have to post pictures of those, too!

I hope all of you had a great week!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Post...

I promise.
I finally got all my pictures loaded from off my camera and the external hard drive. We had a virus, so it took a while...hense the 9 posts...have fun reading, though!
Porter tried on Daddy's earmuff earphones! We thought he looked hilarious. It puffed out his cheeks...great.
Yesterday, I drove in a big city for the first time! Usually I would ride because Seth was with me or he had the car for work. I was proud of myself! The drivers in Portland are a little crazy, but it went just fine.
I went into Portland to get Porter a crib and a crib mattress! $50 total! I was so happy. Both are in pretty good condition! Still no sheets, so we wont have Porter sleeping in it yet, but at least we have it, right!?

Porter looks so happy in his new bed.

Seven Months of Experience!

Porter has now reached Seven months! He's sure getting big! These months have gone by so fast! It seems as though yesterday he was just born! Crazy.

Porter wasn't very cooperative with his picture this month
He was too busy blowing raspberries...

And trying to get to the keyboard.

So I gave up.

Later, after Daddy came home and right before bed, he was a bit more photogenic.

Mostly he just wanted to be Daddy's buddy.

But, month birthday or not, he's always adorable!

Some Random Porterness

First off I wanted to make note that we finally got Porter a high chair! It's a space saver that is also a booster seat, so it attaches to a chair.
One problem...
We left all our chairs in Casper.
No the process of getting a new to us dining room set. With either the table we have or the one we'll get, I'll use it as a craft table :)
I was letting Porter do whatever he wanted on the floor, like I do most days. I usually block off the wires we have on the floor with one of Porter's chairs and his car seat. Well, Porter found a way to get the wires... by going under and through. Bad news is, he got stuck.
Being the caring mother I am, I laughed at him and took a picture before freeing him from his prison.
Porter's Future Job Prospects:
(Why not? It runs in the family!)
Lead Guitarist
(Gets all the chics!...hmm)

*pic removed*
Pro Swimmer
(He wont skinny-dip all the time.)

Male Model
(One that's really, really, ridiculously good-looking)

( personal favorite.)

What do you think?


Porter is a Lean, (not so) Mean, Climbing Machine!

Porter can pull himself up to a standing position! He doesn't even fall over (anymore, that is. He has before...)!

So proud!

This kid just keeps on amazing me!
PS: Don't mind the couch...working on purchasing a cover...first things first, though!

Daddy Time!

"Daddy's home!
Time to play,
be tickled, and chew on someone else's fingers!
I want to wear his shoes, his hat
study when he studies

(ooh, what's HE reading?... do you open this!?)
Daddy's my buddy!

Can't Choose

Who could with a face like this!?


Porter gives me kisses! They're, of course, open-mouthed and slimy, but I love them!
When I had Seth take the pictures, Porter was more interested in the camera, but you get the idea.

Funny Face

New Toy!

Porter is now a proud owner of his own bouncer! Now Mama has a little more time to get things done! What makes Porter happy, makes Mama happy!

He has spent hours in this thing! It's great because the more time he spends in it, the less I'm his toy! As much as I love playing with him, it's hard to do it all day every day.

He was so cute when we first put him in!

Of course he has to taste everything near him...

Properly salivated.