Sunday, February 22, 2009

We all need...

I just saw this on my friend Kristi's blog, and I decided to check it out. It's a tag that's going around facebook where you google "[your name here] needs"
It's actually pretty funny!

Sierra needs...
...a family
...more funds to try killers
...your help
...more water
...rear end, just inspected
...more natural gas production to a friend
...replaced ;)
...a facelift

*bah ha!!!

Seth needs... stop being such a little b**** right now
...more sleep be patched
...Windows Print Management
...Sebastian (the crab?) read
...a double macciato
...a gf or bf
...a hobby
...a boxing coach
...a person to compliment his straight man

*bah ha ha!!!!

Porter needs...
...another hero go too show maturity lead by example not exuberance to tell a story
...a slice of humble pie
...a hug
...immediate support be baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost!
...more time to develop
...a remedial math lesson have experience and a driver's license


Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Little Boy is ONE!

It's really hard to believe this guy... now this little ball of cheese.

Porter is such a sweet, cute little boy. He brings so much joy into Seth's and my life. We don't know what we would do without him! We don't even know what we ever DID without him. His cheesy smile brightens our day, his rare clingy-ness is always appreciated, and his little active spirit is so entertaining! We love you SO much, Porter! We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father that he blessed us with such a sweet, amazing spirit! Happy birthday, little one.

Porter couldn't quite figure out how to blow it out.

Think he likes cake?

Messy, messy!!!

He wasn't too happy that we took him away from his yummy-ness...
...but, child, you needed a bath! :)

Our "Love" Day

Because Valentines Day was so hecktic with studying, Seth and I celebrated ours a few days later.

This is Porter on Valentines day wearing my festive socks...

He'll probably kill me later.

Seth came home with my favorite type of roses, a box of chocolates, and a big balloon. Everything was a whole lot cheaper after V-day.
Porter really enjoyed the balloon, and continues to!
I gave Seth a pair of pj pants with the Tazmanian Devil from Looney toons. They say "sexy devil" and I immediately thought of Seth ;)
For Porter, I got him a cute little bear that's holding a heart that says "I love you." He held it for a minute and moved on. Seth said it was because it was too girly. Whatever. It was cute.

Seth's 26!

Happy birthday Seth! I can't believe how OLD you are! ;) Thirty is right around the corner. coming with grey hair...that is if you have any left... ^_^
The only thing Seth wanted for his birthday was a remote control helicopter. He saw Kelly and my dad get one for Christmas and has coveted one ever since.

He LOVES his helicopter. He plays with it for hours a day...and I'm making him sound 5 again.

That night, I made his favorite cake. He and Porter blew out the candles.

Porter kept saying, "mmmm" when we'd give him a bite of cake. From this picture, you'd think he hated it, though.

After a few bites, he certainly had a sugar high...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day?

Seth had a VERY busy studying week. It's midterms and he's been hitting the books pretty hard, so Porter and I didn't get to see much of him. I kept myself busy most of the week socializing and preparing for a play for enrichment. Thursday was my craziest day. I had meetings and things to get to all day related to said play. Good news is, this play has now been moved to April so I'm not as completely stressed to the max over it anymore. I'm really glad they bumped it for me because had they not have, I'm sure I'd be about ready to pull my hair out right now ;)

Happy Valentines to you all! I hope you had a great day and got to spend all the time you wanted with your significant other!

I didn't :)

We plan on celebrating our Valentines later. On Friday, Seth started feeling sick and has been sick ever since so I've been trying to stay away so Porter and I don't catch it. We'll see how well that works out. Also, he had to study for a test he has on Monday so I didn't see him until 6 pm when we drove out to Fridays to have his birthday dinner. SO, within the next few days or so whenever everyone is well, we'll have our valentines. Besides, everything is cheaper after valentines day ;)

Seth's 26 today! I feel bad that he's not feeling well. We'll celebrate today with his favorite cake and again on Saturday with friends. Hopefully, he feels better by that time.

Porter's brithday is coming up on Thursday, and I can't believe it. I keep telling myself, "It's okay, he's supposed to be getting bigger" but it doesn't make any difference. I feel like he's supposed to stay small forever.

Speaking of small, my friend Jenny Rudoph had her baby yesterday, Valentines! I'm so happy for her and Andrew! Their little girl came a week earlier than their due date! YAY!

Anyway, I'll post later with pics from tonight...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Porter Post

I feel like I haven't done one of these in a while.
Porter is doing 100% better than he was. He is no longer in need of his splint and he's walking around like nothing ever happened. I love little baby bones. Too bad they don't heal that fast when they're older!
We got a shipment from Mama Jensen with our christmas gifts! This is the one for our little man...

It sings nursery rhymes! Porter started to do "pat-a-cake" about a month ago, and Mama got him this because of that song! :) He loves to push the nose on the caterpiller more than anything says "Hello...ha ha ha!" over and over...I don't let him play with it all the time. ;)

I'll post a pic of what I got from her for my birthday last summer and for christmas...I'm not all that big into showing the bottom half of my body at the moment, but I'll get to it! I promise, LaRene! :)

As Porter has gotten older, he's gotten more and more cuddly. It's probably because I sometimes force him to cuddle with me...either way, he now comes up to me and Seth and puts his head on our head (*bonk* is a sign of affection for him), he'll want to sit with us if we're sitting, and he likes to lay down on us...wherever...if he sees us laying down. I think it's so cute!

He, also, likes to climb EVERYTHING! We've taught him to go backward down the steps, which is really good, but sometimes he forgets, so I still have the gates up. He likes to put his little fingers into the sharp base heaters, too, so that's another reason for the gates.

Anyway, back to climbing, he climbs up and down the couches, so I can't keep anything away from him unless it's up on the entertainment center...where it's too far away from me. This makes computer stuff harder, but I'm glad he's not falling off the couches. He goes down backward. Smarty-pants.

He still climbs his little rocking chair, but now he likes to rock in it too!

He's so much fun to watch.

Another thing Porter has done lately is walk around sticking out his belly and holding it like he's pregnant. I think this is hilarious. We have a movie of it, but it always takes a year to download. Here he is holding his belly, though!

So cute!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Superbowl and Sickness

On Sunday, we were invited by the Pitts to come watch the Superbowl. We were rooting for Arizona because that's where the Johansens are from and they were super excited that they'd made it to the bowl.
I'm not, personally, an avid Superbowl watcher, but Seth likes to watch it. I went mostly for socializing. The game ended up being really excitng, though, and I couldn't help but watch during the fourth quarter.

Brianne took this picture, and I thought it was too funny not to post.

Johansens were posing, Seth was watching, and I was trying to keep my 3D glasses on :)

That night, I was feeling pretty crappy and Porter was acting really clingy and grumpy. Later, we were both having problems. We had pretty bad colds. He and I slept through most of it, and I think we're pretty much over it today. He's acting better, and my headache is gone. I hate being sick, though. Especially with a sick baby. Seth was a lot of help, which was great. I hope he doesn't catch it!