Saturday, May 30, 2009

Teething and Soothing

Tooth 14 came in yesterday. Porter woke up earlier than usual yesterday morning, crying. He doesn't usually cry when he wakes, but lately he has because of the pain. Poor kid. #15 and 16 have been right underneath the surface for about 4 days, and I'm hoping they come in he can be comfortable again.

He's also decided he doesn't like his crib anymore. He used to lay down without crying whenever we put him to bed. Now, he cries every time...literally, for a hour before crashing.

He still stays up super late at night.

Oh, and if you didn't know, we've completely weaned Porter off his binky. He's been off it now for almost three weeks.

I'm wondering if giving him back his binky would be a bad thing. Maybe it would help him calm down faster so he wont scream for so long when we put him to bed.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I gave my handsome guys a haircut fitting for the summer :)

I think Porter likes his...

The Latest Porter-isms

**Note: The following post is completely random and contains quite a few videos

Porter is still as cutely curious as ever when I take the camera out.

I think he's trying to figure it out because he's always wanting to look at his pictures and videos when I finish with his "photo shoots"

I love my little boy's smile...

even if it is forced.

*Daddy "surprising/scaring" Porter

Porter loves his phone.

I'm glad we have old ones for him to chew now...haha

He's constantly gabbing on it...

What a goof...

This is Porter when he doesn't get his way...

...but he only does this for a little while...thank heavens.

He, or I, will usually distract him with something else he might like instead.

Lately, he's been throwing everything...

...trying to win a pillow fight with Daddy...

...trying to make a Styrofoam plane fly...

Please ignore me in the video...doing something on facebook hee hee

*If you didn't notice, he's got one sock on in the video. Very typical.

**Also, the playing with Daddy's keyboard is typical.

And this kid aims his throws! It's crazy!

I've been hit, and I'm pretty positive it was on purpose.

Especially when I hear little maniacal laughs from my 15 month old.

And then there's climbing chairs to get to things he cant have on the table.


He still loves spinning things:

And being a cute little weirdo...


I'm SO happy I can upload videos now

I was looking back at old videos of Porter...just reminiscing, mostly, and came across this...

And NOW WE KNOW WHY he loves spinning things!!!

New animal sounds: monkey, bird, and cow.

He makes every animal he sees make the doggy sound before correcting himself.

He's got his 13th tooth with #14 coming in soon

He's almost exclusively eating non-blended table food, now

He can say shoes and socks, and when we ask if he needs a diaper change, a bottle, or "num nums", he'll walk over to the various relative spots! He'll even give us things we ask him to without whining!

What a smarty!

A smarty who is growing up way too fast.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Do You Believe?

Welcome to McMinnville's 10th Annual UFO Festival Parade!

Taken from the festival website:
The festival began as a way to honor the famous 1950 Trent sighting in which two local citizens witnessed and photographed a UFO, said to be some of the most credible images of UFOs to date.

It was a very entertaining parade! There were a lot of costumes...some more outlandish than others, but very clever!

Of course, there was some Star Wars

And even a little MIB!

We had a great time!

Thanks, Rudolphs, for coming with us!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I tried Yoga that wasn't from a TV show or from P90 for the first time on Tuesday...

And I'm in love.

I was actually the only one who came to the class that day, and I'm so glad I did!

Not only because I helped out Jenny, who was teaching and feeling like it was pointless to come that day, but because I got her all to myself!

I realize that sounds selfish, but it was really nice.

You should try it if you haven't!

I Miss...

I'm having one of those reminiscing days where I'm thinking about all the people and things I I thought I'd blog about it.
I miss... family....
...especially my cute mom.
Even if it's only been a little over a week since I saw her.

Twin Falls

I love the Perrine Bridge. It's my place of solitude. I like to walk the canyon rim and just sit under the bridge while all the cars go overhead.
Shoshone Falls is the prettiest falls I've ever seen. I miss picnics down there.

Old friends

BYUI friends

Collegiate Singers

Getting to hang out with my cute sister all the time.

Vocal Union

Heck, I just miss PERFORMING!...well, mostly singing-related performing.

Watching Seth play, and dancing along.
...which brings up dancing...

I miss these girls...A LOT.

I have no pictures of my artwork at the moment, but I miss taking the time to work on my art...

And most everyone is going to roll their eyes at this one

I miss being this skinny.

That's pretty much it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Tid Bit on Twilight

I have finished the Twilight Series

Thanks Brianne

And here is my opinion, for those who are interested.

I will keep it brief

Did I like it? Yes.

Am I obsessed? No.

About the characters: I honestly liked Jacob better than Edward. He was more realistic as a normal everyday guy (as normal as guys in fantasy books can be) and not as over-protective. I'm not really a fan of over-protective people, so I had a hard time liking Edward. I understand Edward is supposed to be unreal and not your everyday guy, but he was a little too unreal...I could almost say he was a little "pansy"-like. I thought vampires were supposed to be manly and sexy and, he really didn't do it for me. I guess I like the normal Seth! heehee

I liked Bella in the first book, but thought she was a little...over-clumsy...and then as each books went on, I liked her even less. She was very rude to Jake...over and over. I have to admit, Jake was kind of asking for punishment, though. I don't understand the drive everyone had for Bella in the first place. I thought clumsy was annoying...or was she supposed to be "a damsel in distress" all the time. Either way, I wasn't fond of her.

I think I liked the rest of the characters just fine. The Cullen family was great, Bella's friends were good (even if they kept flocking to Bella when she was a jerk), and the Children of the Moon were fine, too. Funnier...more entertaining and relate-able.

All in all, I DID like the books. I think it should have ended with the end of the Volturi, so there was more action and not so much of the "other action" in the last book, but oh well. They are newlyweds right?

I thought Stephenie dragged the books, a little, and could have written all that was written in one or two books...but then she wouldn't have made as much money, so more power to you, girl. But, there was too much lovey-dovey stuff for me.

Now, The Host? That's a whole other story.

I love that book.

Might even go far enough to say that if she continued THAT one, I'd be obsessed.

PS: only my opinion, please don't get upset with me if it's different than yours.

Loves all!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Bliss

Second official Mother's Day.

And, I'm married to the best guy in the world!

I woke up (the second time) to pancakes, eggs, and orange juice...


*I honestly think I've never had breakfast in bed before!*

Seth has had Porter almost the whole day since I've started my calling as Primary Pianist...

which isn't going so well since I haven't played for years. Good thing there's Stake Conference next week so I can practice!

...and he's not even tired of him! They're playing on the couch right now!

Porter's trying to whistle. It's so cute.

I love being a mom.

Especially when I'm married to such a great Dad!

25 Things About My Moms

**Written by my sister on Facebook. It was too good and spot on not to re-post on my blog**

Since Mom won't do one of these (cuz she says she can't think of 25 things about herself- I think I can) I'm gonna do one for her! :) Especially for Mommy's Day.

1. She was born in St. Anthony Idaho November 6, 1953
2. She teaches violin and piano and is a wonderful teacher!!! Her students love her so much cuz she loves them!
3. She makes the best cookies and bread in the world. And gives them away all the time. To EVERYONE! her bank tellers, doctors, friends, random people ...
4. She serves her community all the time with her musical abilities! Plays for symphony, dilettantes, JuMP Co., youth orchestra . . . and on.
5. She is an excellent accompanist! She follows so well- even those church singers who are . . . like everywhere with their singing.
6. She cries during beautiful music. So you know something is really good and really pretty when she cries. Now I do it too.
7. Oreos are her favorite cookies.
8. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is her favorite ice cream. Mmmmm!
9. Mom can draw THE CUTEST characters! She makes her own stockings, draws the yearly christmas card, draws for Positive Action and is super super crafty and creative! It's Awesome!
10. She loves doggies. <3
11. She went to BYU where she met Dad...And gave the ring back seven times >.> <,< (shifty eyes)
12. She is a mommy to 7 kids- one for each time she gave the ring back . . . all ranging from age 30 to 12.
13. Mom is the best person to talk to. She gives a listening ear and is very understanding. She also has fabulous advice. I used to not think so as much, but then I grew up and realized she's right, a lot.
14. She likes going on walks. I love to do that with her. :)
15. She's a hard-worker: a nurse, a comforter, a healer, a counselor, a cook, a cleaner, a musician, a teacher . . . I can go on . . . :)
16. She likes old movies and CSI and other such fun brain teasing shows.
17. She is THE BEST person to watch funny movies with! Her laugh is very contagious, and she makes funny movies even funnier!
18. She writes poetry. No kidding. And its GOOD! (I think you should do it again Mom.)
19. When i think of Mom, I think of Disney movies. Walt Disney I think is one of her fav peoples.
20. She loves Snoopy!
21. She hates driving. A few of her daughters do too.
22. Technology evades her. But its really cute!
23. She took some french in high school? College?
24. She took some ballet when she was younger (if I remember right) which is way cool!
25. She has liked to wear her hair short for a long long time. :)

So cute, Vanna!

Now, Seth and I will do one for his mom :)

1. She was born in Selina, Kansas in 1955
2. She loves any and all love stories
3. She has 9 beautiful children (her oldest boy's the best looking)
4. Crafts, especially scrapbooking, is something she LOVES
5. She and Dad met at BYU...where it was love at first sight...for Dad
6. They were married May 1, 1978
7. She claims she's a blonde...and she a child ;)
8. Number 2 of 5 children
9. She likes to wear her hair longer
10. She loves talking over the phone to her kids
11. She wishes all her kids could come live with them in Casper...good thing we are, right? That's one more down...7 to go.
12. She has 7.5 grand kids
13. SHE LOVES KIDS....why else would she have nine?
14. She doesn't like sarcasm much
15. She doesn't have a middle name
16. She's tender-hearted
17. She is NOT a nag ;)
18. Chocolate is her not-so-secret love. It's up there with how much she loves her kids.
19. She hates getting her eyes checked.
20. She's an excellent cook
21. She knows all her kids favorite meals and makes them for them when they come home.
22. I like her laugh ^_^
23. She knows a LOT of nursery rhymes, and likes to sing them over the phone to her grandkids :D
24. She may have been born in Kansas, but she grew up in Spokane, Washington
25. Mom is easy to talk to, and has great advice.

Happy Mother's Day!

Camping Trip

Seth, Porter, and I went on our first camping trip ever (and Porter's first ever) this last week with a bunch of other Optometry couples.

**We actually went the day after I got back from Idaho, I know, crazy.**

We stayed at a place called Nehalem Bay in a building called a YURT

A "Year-round Universal Recreational Tent"
It had electricity, a bunk bed, a futon, a lamp, a mirror, a table with four chairs, and a heater. Pretty nice!
Seth called it a glorified tent

There was running water, indoor plumbing, and showers nearby.
**those of you who know me well know I wouldn't have gone otherwise haha**

The campground was really nice.

Porter was always wanting to go off on his own.

We took a walk to the beach before we headed home

It was gorgeous in the morning haze.

Porter had a hard time walking on the sand.

Correction...we all did.

Porter loved running really close to the water.

It was a super fun summer activity!
I'm so glad we got to go! Even if it was only for one night :)

A Post for Seth

Seth has earned his Optometry "O" O.D.
We're so glad you're out of the books for the next three months!! Now we can play!