Sunday, August 26, 2012

32 Weeks

Apparently, I don't know what to do with my hands.
Things are still progressing well!
Which is great.
What could be even greater:
At my last appointment, I was told that I may be induced at 37 weeks!
This is because of my not-so-perfect pregnancy history.
It all depends on that awesome cervix of mine when the times comes, though.
Therefore, I have about four to six weeks left!
I know...
That went fast.
Our apartment and our list of items to get before baby comes are so not ready for that small window of time.
But we are so excited!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Swimming & Pizza

I've spent most of my time organizing things I brought back from my parents' place ever since we got home.

Our apartment looked like we just moved in up

Porter and I haven't seen much daylight this last week.

So, I was very happy to welcome the Howes over for a swim.

Made for a break at the perfect time.

Plus, Porter and I got to have some much-needed fun.

Definitely gonna have to do this more!

Seth Playing Car Mechanic


This is how we save some money.

After getting back home, bringing everything we had at my parent's home back with us (except my art because I don't trust bringing it during moves), Seth got to work on the Durango.

After about four days dropping him off at the Trax for work so I could have the car, and six nights working on in after he would return from work, Seth fixed the air conditioning.

He is officially Mr. Amazing...or Superman, if you will.

Blessing Kade

The main reason for our Idaho trip...

Oh, Porter. Kade's blessing!

Seth and I switched places with Mark & Alice so we could get pictures of everyone.

And, Porter still didn't cooperate.

Congrats, again, Martins!

He's a cutie!

Snack Shack & Recording

Our little family made the trip to Bellevue a day earlier than the rest of the family.

On the way, I introduced Seth to the Shoshone Snack Shack.

That's a kiddie and a small.

Double Seth's ice cream size for their medium and triple it for their large.

Not even kidding.

Love that place!

We left early so I could make my audition cd with Kelly who was awesome for letting me borrow his recording stuff!

We wanted to get it done while the house was a more controllable quiet.

Thanks, Kelly, for staying up late to do that with me!

Writing His Name

Porter decided to try writing his name while at Gammie's...

It's the scribbles under Seth's clearer writing.

(I can't believe I just referred to Seth's writing as "clear")

He did a pretty great job!!

Gettin' it Done

Mom and I weren't anywhere near finishing her music room the third day I was there.

We weren't the best at moving anything heavy.

Neither of us can lift more than 15 pounds at the moment.

So, we called Jo and Kory and convinced them to make a quick trip to be our muscles so we could get more done.

After a promise to treat all of us to sushi, they made the trip.

And, let me tell you... made all the difference.

We got a TON done.

Kory went from shelving unit to shelving unit and was speedily putting everything together and anchoring it into the walls while Jo grabbed a paintbrush and finished the major painting jobs.

I drilled a bunch of fillers into the shelving unit that Mom and I had put together in the past couple days, and I helped Mom start getting her music on the shelves so Kory had more assembly room to work.

Seth arrived right as we were finishing up for the day, and we all left for sushi!

Love me some sushi...but, I only ate the cooked stuff, of course.

Jo and Kory were our lifesavers.

Too bad they had to leave that night.

Playing Delivery Girl Part II

Mom isn't too fond of freeway driving.

She's also not fond of riding in the car with her kids as they drive.

It gives her anxiety.

So, when she asked me if I would be willing to take Mikki halfway to Boise where we would meet Dad and drop her off with him before going back to Twin, I was surprised.

Apparently, I have had enough freeway "experience" to qualify as less of an anxiety issue for her.

The drive went well.

Mikki was in her own iPod world, Porter was the great traveller he always is, and Mom spent half the time with white knuckles as I passed trucks.

It was actually rather entertaining.

Love you, Mom!

Playing Delivery Girl in Miserable Heat

My mom is re-doing her music room.

I helped her design it.

She's not done, yet, otherwise I would have a much more entertaining post than just words.

Like a picture.

Even then I don't have a before...unless I look back into my super nasty young pictures.

You'll just have to read about it right now until I can get a picture.

Rob, Wendy, and I went to IKEA to gather her new supplies and decor, and we loaded it all in our Durango.

We left room in the front for me and left Porter's little area untouched as well.

The car smelled like boxes for a few days until I made the trip up to Twin Falls.

Anyway, the drive started out pretty normal.

Porter was narrating what colors the trucks were, pointing out how many churches we saw (only in Utah), and asked me to sing the Idaho state song when we crossed the border.

And, that's when I realized.

I'm really hot!

The air conditioner was blowing hot air.

I looked at the outside degrees...96.

Not opening the window...I better not stop anywhere so I can get out of this car and not have to get back in.

So, that's what I did.

About two hours later, I arrive at my previous home.

Soaking wet.

(Gross, I know, but I'm keeping it real.)

Still 96 degrees outside.

When I opened the door, 96 felt like 60.

Okay, the ac is broken...lovely...maybe I should've opened the window.

Mom saw me as I walked in, she thought I was sunburned.

I was miserable, but I wasn't sunburned.

Luckily, I didn't have to do much unloading as Mom had friends over to help out.

(Dad was in Boise for work)

Cooling off never felt so great.

After registering the car the next day, I didn't touch it again until Seth arrived in Twin with our Subaru a couple days later.

We hadn't planned on taking both cars, but there was no way I could be coerced into going back in that Durango without air conditioning.

At least we made it safely!

Third Switch

I switched doctors.


For the third time this pregnancy.

This time, I'm sticking around.

I just didn't like driving 20 minutes to go to the doctor where I would wait for a few hours before even being seen, and then end up spending basically all day there.

That's how it was at the University Hospital.

Reminded me too much of how it was with the twins.

So, I changed my doctor to a doctor who is only a couple blocks north of me.

And, I've loved it.

Longest appointment?

One hour.

*angels singing*

Just so happens my new doctor is a redhead.

Perhaps that helps?


But, I got to have another peek at my beauty.

28 weeks 5 days

Okay, maybe that picture is creepy, but she's still gorgeous.