Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gettin' it Done

Mom and I weren't anywhere near finishing her music room the third day I was there.

We weren't the best at moving anything heavy.

Neither of us can lift more than 15 pounds at the moment.

So, we called Jo and Kory and convinced them to make a quick trip to be our muscles so we could get more done.

After a promise to treat all of us to sushi, they made the trip.

And, let me tell you... made all the difference.

We got a TON done.

Kory went from shelving unit to shelving unit and was speedily putting everything together and anchoring it into the walls while Jo grabbed a paintbrush and finished the major painting jobs.

I drilled a bunch of fillers into the shelving unit that Mom and I had put together in the past couple days, and I helped Mom start getting her music on the shelves so Kory had more assembly room to work.

Seth arrived right as we were finishing up for the day, and we all left for sushi!

Love me some sushi...but, I only ate the cooked stuff, of course.

Jo and Kory were our lifesavers.

Too bad they had to leave that night.

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Kathryn said...

Can't wait to see pictures -- Or maybe I'll just go see the real thing!