Sunday, August 12, 2012

Playing Delivery Girl in Miserable Heat

My mom is re-doing her music room.

I helped her design it.

She's not done, yet, otherwise I would have a much more entertaining post than just words.

Like a picture.

Even then I don't have a before...unless I look back into my super nasty young pictures.

You'll just have to read about it right now until I can get a picture.

Rob, Wendy, and I went to IKEA to gather her new supplies and decor, and we loaded it all in our Durango.

We left room in the front for me and left Porter's little area untouched as well.

The car smelled like boxes for a few days until I made the trip up to Twin Falls.

Anyway, the drive started out pretty normal.

Porter was narrating what colors the trucks were, pointing out how many churches we saw (only in Utah), and asked me to sing the Idaho state song when we crossed the border.

And, that's when I realized.

I'm really hot!

The air conditioner was blowing hot air.

I looked at the outside degrees...96.

Not opening the window...I better not stop anywhere so I can get out of this car and not have to get back in.

So, that's what I did.

About two hours later, I arrive at my previous home.

Soaking wet.

(Gross, I know, but I'm keeping it real.)

Still 96 degrees outside.

When I opened the door, 96 felt like 60.

Okay, the ac is broken...lovely...maybe I should've opened the window.

Mom saw me as I walked in, she thought I was sunburned.

I was miserable, but I wasn't sunburned.

Luckily, I didn't have to do much unloading as Mom had friends over to help out.

(Dad was in Boise for work)

Cooling off never felt so great.

After registering the car the next day, I didn't touch it again until Seth arrived in Twin with our Subaru a couple days later.

We hadn't planned on taking both cars, but there was no way I could be coerced into going back in that Durango without air conditioning.

At least we made it safely!

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