Sunday, April 17, 2011

20 Weeks Ultrasound

Get used to a lot of ultrasound pictures!

I get to have one every other week.

This week, there wasn't any measuring of the babies, just making sure their hearts are still strong.

Baby A

Baby B

On top of getting to see the babies every other week, I get my cervix checked to see if I'm going into pre-term labor.

A high risk with the situation the twins are in, they say.

The first time they measured my cervix, two weeks ago, they told me it was about 6 cm long.

This is good, apparently.

A "normal" cervix or an "average" one is 2 cm.

This week, I was measuring about 5.5 cm long.

The ultrasound technician, after measuring, told me that if he had a cervix, he'd want it to be just like mine.

Then, I got to see the radiologist who told me that I have an "awesome cervix."

After that, I had a doctor's visit where a nurse and the doctor both said the exact same thing...

"You have an AWESOME cervix!"

All I could think during this was, Thanks?

I asked what made it awesome, and was told that because my cervix is so long, it's as if I was "made" to have multiples.

A long cervix = highest chance of making it full term!

Now, if only I understood why a long cervix makes such a big difference in the chance pre-term labor...something I'll have to ask next time.

But this is good news!

Maybe not for my stretch marks on my belly...

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