Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

This Easter week has been pretty busy!

I sang in church today, so a lot of it was spent in preparation for that instead of in preparation for the "hunt".

We're grateful for the plastic eggs that are already colored when we don't have time to do it ourselves.

Besides, Porter really likes the candy inside.

So much so that he'll even wear it!

For dinner today, we joined the Johansens to celebrate...for the last time.

Had to keep up the tradition even if it was for only one more Easter!

We start Optometric externships in May and a lot of our friends, including the Johansens, will be leaving right away.

Sad to think about.

After dinner, we joined a bunch of people at the park for some dessert, and had a great time!

Another reason our week was so busy is this:


Porter's not a pro, yet, but he's catching on!

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