Wednesday, May 30, 2012


After 8 years of schooling, during four of which Seth:

"Sat through 1,710 hours of lecture

Participated in 690 hours of lab exercises

Took 72 midterms

35 written final exams
5 lab finals

Passed at least 35 mini proficiencies

Passed 1 big proficiency at the end of the second year

Spent 1,960 hours in clinic

and for the privilege, paid $42 per hour"
--Dean of Optometry

(And, that doesn't even include studying for and passing 3 major boards exams in order to be certified)

He is finally DONE!

May 19th was glorious.

It began with a "hooding ceremony" where the graduates were formally given their graduation hoods.

I enjoyed the ceremony, but most of all I enjoyed our friend, the class valedictorian David Glabe's, speech.

The fact that he mentioned Seth bringing caffeine to study groups to try to keep everyone awake was an interesting bonus.

After Dave, the keynote speaker spoke of the importance of putting family first.

I ended up wishing I had brought tissues.

Porter was very enthusiastic as the hoods were handed out.

Seth after getting his hood...pretty much how we saw him during the whole thing.

And then it was time to give the hood back and move on to graduation.

(Yah, I know, I didn't really get it either)

Pops joined us for the main event!

Which was great!!

We also got to sit by our favorite family...

We didn't pick the best seat, so this was our view of Seth...'re welcome for the arrows.

I filled with pride as Seth's name was called.

My man graduated with DISTINCTION!!!

...which means he had a stinkin' high GPA!

Without further ado, let me introduce...


(After getting used to living a life basically without my husband, I'm really excited about this.)

Then, it was over and time for pictures.

Porter loves helping. Especially when helping involves moving something with wheels.
Congrats, all you DOCTORS!

Devin Farr, Eric Johansen, Colton Crowther, Aaron Cole, Shawn Skinner, Brandon Reed, Dave Parkinson, Dave Glabe, Seth, Scott Pitts
 And, all us WIVES!!

Tana, Jen, Jenny, Claudia, Kristina, Jen, Tara, Brianne, Me, and Erin
 Let me tell you, I would have never survived this whole thing without these girls!

I love every one of them and hope this isn't goodbye forever.

But most especially, I wouldn't have survived without this one.

Love you lots, Brianne!
We all endured so much together.

Not just Optometry stuff, either.

Not to mention, someone Seth was sure happy to have around...

...there's no way he would've survived without Scott.

We sure are going to miss all of you!

And, this cute dynamic.

You would've thought they never were apart.

Thanks, Clark, for coming!!

Dr. Seth Jensen O.D.

I love my Optometrist.

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