Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Going to the Races

Porter and Grumpa had so much fun going to the races last time that we had to do it again!

This time with Daddy!

We started off the evening with a roll-over contest...

That was the first contestant...I didn't have my camera for the winner (who rolled quite a bit) due to taking a certain someone to the restroom.

We got to see a tank "push" the hawaii 5-0 car around the track...

Car problems don't stop entertainment!

We also got to see a bunch of 10-15 year olds wreak their cars and drive with no inhabitions...that was one of our favorite parts.

And then we got to witness a Demolition Derby!

Guess who we were rooting for...

Of course!

Porter even came prepared...

It helped that a familiar name was painted on the side...

The BSU car won a cash prize for looking the best.

But, this one won the derby...

Here's what Porter thought:

Then it was time to prepare for the "main event!"

Jumping a bus on to two waiting RVs.

While we were waiting for them to finish setting up, we had plenty of entertainment...

Here's the bus checking out the ramp...

He didn't hit it well... fact, they should have had a wider ramp...and this shouldn't have been his first attempt at this stunt, but what can you do?

We all knew this wouldn't end too well.

(I sound like I'm laughing at the fact he failed in the video, but I was laughing because the fireworks scared me...)

He was alright.

Walked away and everything.

I wouldn't be surprised if he tried it again.

And, what did I do besides take pictures and videos?

I tried to protect myself from the second hand smoke all around me.


A happier note:

Porter got to try rolling down a hill!

I really wanted to join him, but...

Fun night!

Thanks, Dad!

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Laura Howe said...

cute boy!! I love how happy he is.