Sunday, May 29, 2011


Porter loves balloons.

Probably one of the most obvious kid statement ever, but he seriously does.

Every Monday after going grocery shopping, we make a stop at Little Ceasars to pick up a Hot-N-Ready.

I make sure to get Porter a balloon while I'm there.

Porter is sad when I take his deflated to nothing balloons and throw them away.

I have to do so in secret most of the time.

Because of this, on Tuesday he surprised me.

Little Emma lost her balloon while she was playing outside.

Porter noticed and wouldn't stop talking about it.

He had his balloon from Little Ceasars that we had from the day before in his hand, so I asked him if he might want to give his balloon to Emma since she had lost hers.

First he said, "nooo...." very slowly and thoughtfully.

Then he went to the door, put on his shoes, and with balloon in hand told me he wanted to go over to Emma's house and give her his balloon!

I was slightly in shock.

But, that's exactly what he did!

We walked over, knocked on the door, and right as Jenny opened it, Porter let himself in and went straight for Emma.

Emma was so excited!

Her expression was priceless.

I am so proud of Porter!

What a thoughtful son. 

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Laura Howe said...

That's so cute! He must be a people pleaser, that's a good kind to have. Especially with little girls coming.