Friday, May 14, 2010

Ah Health...

...why can't you just stay at a normal, well, place...

...or is there such a thing?

Apparently not for me.

Before coming back to Oregon from Twin, I started feeling tired.

I mean REALLY tired.

I didn't think much of it, being that I like to keep myself busy, up late, etc.

But this was different.

I wasn't only tired...


Not just every once in a while either...


Then the symptoms started showing up...

...sinus pressure, headaches, sore/swollen throat, loss of appetite, pains in my side, hugely swollen lymphnodes, wierdest one: swollen eyelids..., I drove home sick.

(Never gonna do again, by the way.)

Then I just never got better.

In fact, things started getting worse.

Went to the doctor which crossed mono and strep off my list of possibilites.

Went and got bloodwork done which crossed off other possibilities, but opened up another.

The problem is in my liver.


After more tests (not more blood, thankfully) off goes hepatitis.


So...what is it?

They don't know.

They're sending me to a GI doctor next Wednesday.

Thought I'd never see one till I was 50.

Apparently, it's not fatal...



Kristina said...

Oh Sierra! I am so sorry. I can't imagine how you've been feeling for WEEKS! I sure hope the Dr.'s can narrow this down and finally get you some help. At least progress is being made, butI bet you just want this to be over! Please call me, I can help!!!!

Liz said...

Poor girl! Hope they find an answer soon.