Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finals Week Escape

This trip was a lot like the last one.

Except Seth was still in Oregon.

And, I was lazy and didn't take any pictures until the last two days...

I know, what was I thinking?!
We did a lot, too!
Spur of the moment, the second week there, I took Porter up to Rexburg after not being there for three years.
We only stayed for the day, but I got to go visit my old and favorite friends Monica and Melissa!

*monica's on the left holding Porter and now has a baby of her own!! *met melissa at all-state in 2004, and we were friends at first sight!
Rexburg looked almost completely different.

If the streets hadn't remained mostly the same, I would've definitely gotten lost.

I should've taken my camera out.

Chelsea and I got to hang out for an afternoon.
We went to the temple, and afterward she introduced me to Kiwi Loco in town.

*kiwi loco: google images*

SO yummy!

I also got to go to a new favorite, Cafe Rio, and an old one, River Rock Grill, with the family.

*google images

Porter even got to go to his first movie in a movie theatre!

We saw How to Train Your Dragon, and he fell asleep half way through when his sugar high passed, but he did great!!

*google images

I should've taken my camera out!!

Well, here's what happened the last two days, anyway:

More piano playing...

...and a game of Uno Attack!

Porter loved pushing the button.

Even when he anticipated what would happen...

...and when it hit him in the face :)

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Liz said...

Cafe Rio is a new favorite? You poor thing to have been introduced so late in life! I love, love, love Cafe Rio. :-)