Monday, December 30, 2013


Look who turned one!
Lilia had a great birthday!

She got some great toys and had some good company!
Then it was cake time!
She was a little confused at first...
But she figured it out.
And made a glorious, happy mess!

She got some help cleaning up from Mama when she was finished.

The next day, Lilia gathered her new toys around her...

...and we woke up to...

Here's what our backyard looked like when the snow stopped falling:

Can't see half the fence!
And, the next day, it was still gorgeous outside.

Before it mostly melted and Fall finally showed its face.

Basically two days later.
Welcome to Wyoming's wild weather!
Lilia also got some great gifts from Gammie and Grumpa!

Sundays we have a family dinner at Mama's.
The following video is the perfect description of the typical Sunday there!
And, Lilia started WALKING!!
She preferred to hold my hand, as you can see.
Seth likes his soda! 

He drinks so much, we figured out that we should just ask the server for a pitcher.
It was great having an entryway to our own place to decorate for Halloween.
It was also great getting to dress up this little cutie.

We had a church party where the kids got lots of candy...

And Porter got to go trick-or-treating again for even more!

Happy Halloween!
(Porter is an animal control officer, if you can't see the badge)

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