Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jo & Kory

After dating for 2 years, it was about time these two got hitched!

We all waited for a while before they actually came out of the temple, so I got camera happy.

Keva, Mikayla, and Arika

Kathryn & David

Seth went to go pick up Porter before all the pictures were taken.

My boys are so cute.

Savanna was the flower girl...

...which made her giggle :)

I got to take a quick pic of me and my cute niece

Kaysha & Porter

Who definitely look related.

More of my boys

Isn't she pretty?

Gets it from her beautiful mom, Wendy!

And last, but not least-Papa, Connie and another of David

After most everyone left the temple grounds, the master of photography--my uncle Randy--got to work!

He comes up with the best poses!

Some of his best don't make it in his pictures, either... that one.

So, I followed them around...

Hoping to learn a few tips from him, but mostly just wanting to help out.

Happy couple!

For those who wanted more detail on Joanna's dress:

My mom made her bouquet :)

Pretty girl!!!

And still a cheese!

After pictures, we went to Kory's parent's house and had their wedding BBQ...

...where Seth was working the grill!

Zoolander style.

Porter got to play around with Mikayla and her friends:

...where he had a blast!

Jo and her BFF Amanda

(Amanda actually got married last Saturday!)

Me and the Padres!

And then it was time to cut the...


Because it was so dark, my camera would miss things, so we made them go slower...and got these:

And a slow version of this...

Bah haha!

Love you Jo!!

So happy for you guys!!!

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