Sunday, June 24, 2012

Utah Arts Festival

Saturday night, we made a stop over at...


...with some friends of ours.

Porter, Tommy, & Ella got a chance to create, while we adults enjoyed helping and watching.

This was called a windmill (??) Yeah, don't really get it.
In the process

Starting to write his name

Gluing the circle on.

What the circles were glued on

Kinda creepy.

Tommy enjoying his wand.
We didn't stay long.

I enjoyed the artwork and the jewlry!

Seth and I enjoyed the live big band that was playing!

And, we especially enjoyed our company!

We spotted this piano on our way to another location, and Laura hopped on for a quick rendition of Maple Leaf Rag...
Very impressive, Laura!
Apparently, these pianos are all over downtown!

They sound a bit like old recordings of pianos, as they're not in very great shape, but how fun is that!?

Laura's song choice was perfect for the piano sound, in my opinion.

Our Trax ride home was...interesting.

The trains were delayed because of a wreak.

The train we caught only had one car.

It was crowded, and the crowd didn't even thin out as the train kept stopping.

We don't live all that near the downtown area, so we were surprised when the biggest crowd that left was at our stop.

And, it was us.

As far as our latest Trax experiences have gone, I don't think our family is meant to ride the train.

It was a fun night, though!

Thanks, Penroses!

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