Monday, June 18, 2012

Jensen Family Reunion 2012

We were able to make the Jensen family reunion this year!

Mostly because it was in Utah, but still.

Helps that we live close and that we're not in school anymore!!

We got to spend three great days full of fun and family!

Day one and two, I have no pictures.

Not because I didn't want to remember those days, but because I was enjoying myself too much.

Day one was a great dinner at Kurt & Heidi's where we all got to catch up!

Some played volleyball while others jumped on the tramp.

Day two was spent at the Payson Pool

...where we had too much fun swimming to deal with the camera.

Day three, I finally took it out.

We visited Bridal Veil Falls

Where some of us climbed...

...and other got to dip their toes in the ice-cold water for a moment.

Clara's dog, Mickey, got a bit too excited about swimming around, and had to be rescued before he swam into the Provo River.
Julia holding up a very wet and tiny Mickey

After the falls, we went to a pretty secluded park for dinner and games!

Like no idea how to spell this Bocce (baw-chee) Ball,
Porter joining and hiding his loot

Ladder Ball,

and Bug the Dog.

Most of us girls hung out like this...

That is, until we ate.

And, boy, did we eat.

Every day we had great food, and glorious goodies!

Micheal enjoyed his roasted marshmallow!

Some of us preferred playing in water...

...and others enjoyed burning off those calories in races...

We loved seeing all the family and getting to play and hang out!

It was a great three days.

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