Sunday, June 3, 2012

20 Weeks

Say hello to our sweet baby...


Porter was hoping for a boy, but didn't seem to mind at all that he was going to get another baby sister!

He also wanted to get in on my belly here's two for ya :)

And, the name we have picked for our little sweetheart is:

Lilia Shay

Lilia is after my Gammie Hill (great-grandmother on my mom's side) whose name is Lillis.

*Well, technically it was her middle name, but she went by it just like my Gammie went by her middle name as well.*

We picked Lilia because I seem to have an obsession with 3 syllables and ending in -a names and it's one that both Seth and I liked (which is actually quite a difficulty).

Plus we liked the meaning.

In Latin, like Lillis, it means "lilies".

In Hebrew, it means "what belongs to me belongs to God" which I think is quite fitting as it is one of the lessons I've re-learned this last year for sure.

And, Shay is Seth's mother's maiden name!



Kristina said...

I love the name! I'm so happy you guys are having a girl, what fun. You look really good by the way!

The Pitts Family said...

You do look great, and the apartment in the background looks good too. I miss you.