Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend at the Cabin

Porter and I spent the weekend at my Uncle David and Aunt Connie's cabin here...

...in gorgeous Heber over the weekend!

That was the view from their back porch!

We had a TON of fun hanging out with family!

The weekend started with a clean up and set up of the tramp...

The boys cleaned it so well!

I think they even enjoyed the work.

 After that, the kids spent lots of time playing...

...putting on puppet shows...

...jumping on the tramp, and going on four-wheeler rides!

Mason & Kaysha fell asleep!
 We had such a great time, and hope we can go back sometime soon with Seth!

PS: I'm a total Mountain West girl because these pictures make me so happy!

Thanks David & Connie for the great weekend!!

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